School music tours

We provide tours for music students to a wide range of destinations in the UK, Europe and worldwide. We’ll match wonderful concert venues around the world to your pupils’ abilities and expectations. Whether you want your performances to be formal, informal, or a mixture of both, we can advise and organise everything you need.  We can even arrange for your group to perform at one of the local festivals that take place across Europe, which present a great opportunity for pupils to showcase their skills alongside other performers in front of a variety of audiences. 

On the ground support for your next music tour 

At NST, our dedicated team of music specialists work hard to make your tour a magical and unforgettable experience. From planning and promoting your performances, through to making all your arrangements, you’ll be in good hands with NST. In many destinations we can offer Concert Assistants and Tour Assistants to give you all the support you need on the ground whilst you’re away. We can now also provide a Tour Manager in all destinations.

Promoting your concerts 

We offer a fantastic range of venues, suited to all types of group and every ability. We’ll advise on, and organise, everything you need. We’ll go the extra mile in promoting your concerts for you too.


  • Select venues that regularly attract good audiences, and we’ll schedule your concerts at the best times to maximise audience potential.
  • Locate A-board posters outside your venue, distribute promotional posters and leaflets ahead of your performances, plus promote your concerts in the local press, ‘what’s on’ guides, social media, and on radio where possible. 
  • Invite local youth and cultural groups to your concert (where appropriate) and, where possible, we’ll organise joint concerts and festival participations to attract the largest possible audiences.

Learn more about our school music tour destinations

Paris Music Tours

This world-famous city has an abundance of performance venues, ranging from the mighty Église Madeleine church to the Disney Performing Arts Programme at Disneyland® Paris, making Paris the perfect choice for established, intermediate or newly-formed groups. 

Belgium Music Tours

Perfect for groups on their first tour or those with a tight budget.

Barcelona & Catalonia Coast Music Tours

Barcelona has a multitude of fantastic museums and galleries, while its historic past provides a wealth of cathedrals and memorable performance venues.

Rhine & Moselle Music Tours

NST offers an excellent choice of accommodation serving the needs of music groups and our tailor-made itineraries will add real value to your concert tour experience.

Lake Garda Music Tours

The beautiful backdrop to Lake Garda presents the perfect place to enjoy a performance tour.

London Music Tours

The wide number and variety of performance venues available in London make it an ideal destination for music groups of all ages and abilities.

New York Music Tours

Manhattan is a fast-paced, exciting metropolis offering music groups a wide range of performance venues and eclectic musical tastes, making it the ideal destination for groups of all abilities and genres.

Northern France Music Tours

Combined with an array of memorable visits, a music tour to Northern France offers groups the opportunity to bond and fully concentrate on their rehearsals and performance.

Valkenburg Music Tours

Situated close to the borders of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, this popular Dutch resort has been a favourite of music groups for years. 

Tuscany Music Tours

Florence, Pisa, Siena and Lucca all within easy reach and offering excellent and varied concert venues and performance opportunities. 

Black Forest Music Tours

With its beautiful lakes and stunning panoramic views, the Black Forest offers many opportunities for music groups. 

Amsterdam & the Dutch Coast Music Tours

It is ideally positioned for the many coastal venues as well as a visit to Amsterdam.

Cantabria Music Tours

Cantabria provides a number of unique performance venues for your pupils to enjoy.

Madrid Music Tours

This historic, exciting city and its surrounding communities have an ideal combination of venues that attract enthusiastic audiences and cultural attractions for groups to explore.

Valencia Music Tours

On a music tour to Valencia students can soak up the Spanish culture of this colourful city, whilst enjoying a range of cultural and performance experiences.

Venice & Lido di Jesolo Music Tours

Warm audiences are warm and enthusiastic and the variety of sightseeing opportunities. 

Rome Music Tours

A music concert tour to Rome offers groups the opportunity to perform at unique world-class venues.

Salzburg Music Tours

A perfect destination for groups of all abilities. 

Vienna Music Tours

Vienna hosts some of the most prestigious venues in Europe, and is ideal for more formal groups.

Krakow Music Tours

With a wonderful cultural heritage Krakow has a fabulous range of formal venues.

City of Derry Choral Festival Tour

Four-day festival of concerts, competitions, workshops & choral trails.

London West End Tours

Why not take your pupils to the capital for a few days filled with West End musicals and vocal workshops.

Liverpool Music Tours

Exciting things have been happening in Liverpool over recent years, and this vibrant city offers lots to see and do. 

Malta Music Tours

​A tiny island steeped in culture, Malta is a very special destination for a school music tour. 

Athens Music Tours

Many consider Greece to be the birthplace of music and performance. a great destination for groups looking to trace the origins of music.