Our destination experts' profiles


Area of expertise - Cantabria

Lots of teachers tell me that having Pablo, our NST Destination Manager for Cantabria, as their representative is of a huge benefit. They say the knowledge that he has is amazing and that he really makes the process easier for groups when they arrive in Cantabria.


Area of expertise – Krakow

I would recommend the Salt Mines if they have enough time and budget to visit as it is an amazing tour, and incredible to think that the minors made the artwork inside, which even includes a huge ballroom


Area of expertise – Paris

I would highly recommend taking a relaxing cruise on the river Seine in Paris. It is a great way to view the city and many famous landmarks. Headsets are provided in a variety of languages which is great for those wanting to improve their language skills.


Educational Tour Co-ordinator

Have your parents’ evening early. By doing so you'll have plenty of time to make sure pupils have a valid passport, discuss and arrange visas and sort out any rooming issues.


Area of expertise – Barcelona

If you're travelling around the city centre on public transport, the most economical way is for groups to purchase T-casual tickets.


Area of expertise – London

London is a hugely popular city, so book early to ensure you can get your most suited accommodation and preferred visits too.


Area of expertise – China

To travel to China each person will need a visa. We will provide you with information on the application process and you can also speak to our travel partner, ASLA, who will give useful tips.


Educational Travel Advisor

What teachers love about NST is the fact we can tailor-make the entire trip for them with our extensive range of curriculum-linked programmes. We can also offer advice and suggestions based on other teachers' trip experiences.


Educational Travel Advisor

Teachers tell me that the NST Go Explore resources are a fantastic tool for language trips. They say they are a useful tool for pupils and very handy for their vocabulary whilst on tour. They also save teachers so much time!


Area of expertise – WWI Battlefields

It is well worth taking an NST Educationalist Guide. Their WWI knowledge is endless. They pitch to the level of the group and really capture pupils' imaginations, whilst allowing staff to focus on the individual needs of the group.


Educational Travel Advisor

To increase your ‘catchment’ of students, open up the trip to other subject groups that will all benefit from your chosen destination and their curriculum focus.


Area of expertise – Geneva

When travelling to Geneva it is not necessary to pay for airport transfers or coaching within the city and all visitors will receive a free public transport pass at the airport. The public transport in Geneva in excellent


Educational Travel Advisor

Group leaders find the expertise and knowledge of our Iceland Geography Field Studies Guides are invaluable. They were able to completely rearrange the itinerary for them due to bad weather so they could continue their trip.


Educational Travel Advisor

What a truly amazing place Iceland is. It really is the Awe and Wonder destination for Geographers. Groups find that taking an NST field study guide is priceless due to the knowledge they are able to pass on to the students in a practical setting whilst also allowing the teachers more time to concentrate on 1-2-1 teaching with their students.


Educational Travel Advisor

When visiting Barcelona be sure to visit Poble Espanyol located on Mountain Montjuic, you’ll get to experience unique buildings from all regions of Spain.


Educational Travel Advisor

Getting around on public transport in Madrid is very easy and helps keep the cost down when getting around rather than using coaching.


Educational Tour Co-Ordinator

We advise everyone to have smaller denominations of Euros as venues don't tend to have lots of change.


Educational Tour Co-ordinator

I would recommend one of our Field Studies Guides, the guide will meet the group on arrival at the airport in Iceland and accompany the group throughout the entire duration of the tour. The guides are experts in geography and will ensure the students receive the best learning experience from their trip, the guides offer support to the group. I would strongly recommend suitable clothing, especially waterproofs, there is quite a lot of spray off the waterfalls and on one of the stops the group will have.


Educational Tour Co-Ordinator

Make sure when pupils pay their deposit they have a valid passport as to travel to New York you also have to obtain and ESTA.


Educational Tour Co-ordinator

The pedestrianised areas in York, with very little traffic make it a perfect location for primary school groups. The main attractions: York Minster, Jorvik and Castle Museum are all within a walking distance. Just make sure you are equipped for the weather!