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Subject Experts for psychology groups

Our Psychology Subject Experts have a strong teaching background and a great deal of relevant expertise. They aim to educate, entertain and enthuse your students, and facilitate their understanding.

We very highly recommend the services of an NST Subject Expert during your school tour to provide in-depth background information and to help put study visits into context, adding huge benefits to your travel experience.

A strong teaching background 

Our Psychology Subject Experts have a strong background in teaching and are highly experienced and knowledgeable educationalists. They will deliver detailed background information on all key sites,

Helping you to prepare your ideal study tour itinerary 

As former teachers, NST Psychology Subject Experts understand the demands and requirements of organising educational visits. Our Subject Experts will contact you before your tour to discuss your tour plans and advise on the appropriate visits to build an itinerary that enables your group to get the most out of every day.

More time for one-to-one teaching 

With an NST Subject Expert leading the group, you’ll gain the opportunity to provide individual tuition and enjoy the visits with your students.

Meet our psychology Subject Experts

Visit our psychology Subject Experts profiles page to find out more about the individuals which lead NST groups on their tours.