Psychology school trips & tours

At NST, we work hard to give your pupils the best possible learning experience during their psychology school trip. Our psychology programme covers a vast range of study themes in the UK, Europe and worldwide. 

Psychology LIVE! Conference

Show your students psychology in action at our Psychology LIVE! Conference. This immersive event will allow your students to grasp the fundamentals of human behaviours in action whilst providing relevant examples and case studies for exams.  

London Psychology & Sociology School Trips

From our exclusive mental health visits to a Jack the Ripper walking tour, you can cover a wide range of key study topics.

London Psychology & Sociology Day Trips

A psychology and sociology day trip to London is a great option for groups on a budget.

Edinburgh Psychology & Sociology School Trips

A school trip to the Scottish city of Edinburgh is undoubtedly a great value, year-round destination for psychology and sociology groups with excellent educational visits on offer.

Vienna Psychology & Sociology School Trips

Vienna, home to Sigmund Freud and birthplace of psychoanalysis, is a city linked with the atrocities of World War II.

Krakow Psychology & Sociology School Trips

Pupils can consider the topics of conformity and obedience in Nazi Germany, possible psychological profiles of those involved and even discuss actual experiences with a concentration camp survivor, or relative, at the Galicia museum.

Berlin Psychology & Sociology School Trips

Most people associate Berlin with the events of World War II, with having the largest Jewish community in Germany, as a seat of Nazi power, and with the Berlin Wall imposing a Communist regime.

New York Psychology & Sociology School Trips

A combination of excellent immigration and Holocaust-focused visits, together with world-famous tourist attractions create the ultimate trip for psychology and sociology pupils.

Beijing Psychology & Sociology School Trips

We offer a range of packages in China that offer truly memorable experiences for pupils.