UK School Trips

School trips in the UK are a valuable and often cost-effective way to complement your class curriculum and support practical learning outside of the classroom. We offer a range of UK trips for primary school and high school classes, giving young people of all ages a chance to have fun while learning about particular subjects and areas of the country. 

Our range of English literature, drama and performing arts tours is second to none and features school trips to Stratford and London – a chance to visit the origins of Shakespeare, Dickens and many more UK cultural icons. The West End plays host to world-class productions and musicals which take centre stage on many performing arts tours too. 

Pupils can also visit London to study British history, maths, geography, music, art and design, psychology and sociology, religious studies, science, media studies and business studies. 

We also offer UK theme park trips tailored for both secondary and primary school children which add a dash of fun to the learning experience.

Primary-aged pupils can find visits of interest all around the UK, from cities to the countryside and coastlines. London, York and Scarborough, the Isle of Wight, Dorset and Bournemouth, North Wales and Edinburgh unveil a treasure trove of learning opportunities. 

It’s surprising how much is going on right on your doorstep – get in touch to find out more about planning your ideal school trip and take a look at our most popular options below.


Learn more about our school trips in the UK

English School Trips

We offer bespoke English school trips to London and Stratford, each with a focus on the writers and literature that form the basis for many school syllabuses.

School Trips to London

School trips to London offer young people a valuable new perspective outside of the classroom and a chance to experience the sights, sounds, hustle and bustle of a major global city.

School Trips to Stratford Upon Avon

Thousands of school groups flock to Stratford Upon Avon every year to enjoy the iconic sights and shows found in Shakespeare’s home town.

School Trips to York

School trips to York provide an incredible learning experience for children of all ages, particularly primary school groups who are looking to learn more about one of the most iconic Roman cities in the UK.

School Trips to Edinburgh

Scotland’s historic capital city provides a unique learning experience for students of all ages, full of quality sights, landmarks and activities. That means there’s a lot to consider when planning your ideal school trip to Edinburgh

School Trips to Isle of Wight

If you’re looking for more information or free advice, get in touch with one of our expert travel advisors today. We have been organising school trips to the Isle of Wight for over 50 years!

UK Theme Parks Primary School Trips

Our theme park trips for primary school classes are a very popular idea for activities week or a class reward for hard work.