French Language School Trips & Tours

There’s really no better way to reinforce your classroom-based learning than by surrounding your pupils with native speakers and immersing them in the culture and daily rhythms of French life.

With our unsurpassed destination knowledge, you’ll get an itinerary that includes the right balance of cultural experiences and target language-focused visits and workshops to help give your pupils greater confidence in their language skills and the chance to enjoy an unforgettable taste of French culture.

Our French language school trips to the Opal Coast are ideal for younger pupils, easily accessible from the UK and close to channel ports, the Opal Coast offers a vast array of seaside resorts, markets and cultural visits including local boulangeries, goat farms and chocolate producers.  It’s the perfect location for younger pupils to practise their conversational French, listening skills, and increase confidence in their language skills. 

Château d’Ebblinghem, NST’s exclusive school group accommodation is ideal for school groups, set in a rural location just 8km east of St Omer on the Opal Coast in Northern France, and just 45 minutes from the Channel ports.

If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan and vibrant French school trip experience then Paris is a popular choice. This city offers a broad range of cultural and language visits from world-famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Notre Dame, guided visits, to traditional Parisian food markets providing opportunities to practise speaking in the target language with native speakers.  

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Opal Coast French Language School Trips

An ideal destination for groups seeking to enhance language skills through a range of educational and cultural visits. 

Opal Coast French Language Day Trips

A day trip to the Opal Coast is a great low cost option for French language groups to experience a range of exciting target language-focused visits. 

Paris French Language School Trips

With a broad range of cultural and educational visits on offer, a trip to Paris is ideal for groups to put target language skills into practise whilst enjoying this vibrant French city.  

Paris Theme Parks French Language School Trips

Paris is home to two of Europe’s most popular theme parks - Disneyland® Paris and Parc Astérix. Both are perfect for enhancing class interaction or relaxing between French language visits. 

Normandy French Language School Trips

A French language school trip to Normandy offers a wealth of educational and cultural visits, from traditional seaside towns and local markets to famous historic sites.

Loire Valley French Language School Trips

This diverse region of France is an ideal destination for a French language study tour, home to many cultural and educational visits for language groups. 

Brittany French Language School Trips

With a choice of educational and cultural visits to be enjoyed, a school trip to this picturesque coastal town is perfect for language groups looking to sample a more traditional French way of life.

French language trip enrichment experiences

Challenge, inspire and engage your pupils in the practical application of the target language with our French Language Enrichment Experience at NST’s Château d’Ebblinghem! Our French language enrichment Experience has been designed to develop conversational and comprehension skills through a range of exciting target language-focused excursions and activities with an emphasis on enrichment experiences.

Free language trip learning resources

Our free Go Explore educational resources provide a great way for your pupils to build their confidence to explore another culture, language and location. They support the Key Stage 3 curriculum, Scottish S1-S3 curriculum, plus Key Stage 4 and standard and intermediate grade qualifications. A great tool for pupils to record their experience outside the classroom, your Go Explore journal contains space to add information, pre-visit notes, a daily record of what they have seen and learnt, as well as space for relevant vocabulary. The journal is useful for assisting in controlled assessment preparation and is a valuable memento of time spent abroad. 

French language school trips with NST

At NST, we’re passionate about supporting teachers to create unique school trip experiences and memories that last a lifetime. Founded in 1967 by a maths teacher in Lancashire, we’ve worked alongside thousands of teachers, like you, and understand how we can best support you to enable you to bring your language school trip ideas to life. That’s why so many schools choose to travel with us every year. Learn more about NST.