Religious studies school trips & tours

Inspire your pupils and deepen their understanding of key study topics with a religious studies school trip, our programme covers a vast range of study areas around the globe areas from thought-provoking 9/11 visits in New York providing the unique opportunity to hear from someone directly involved in the atrocities to exploring the diversity of worship in London - an invaluable opportunity. 

With a range of guides in many of our destinations, we’ll select a specialist from our team to meet your exact visit requirements and provide you with both local knowledge and educational support.

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London Religious Studies School Trips

A visit to the capital city offers immense value to religious studies pupils. Itineraries can be tailored to groups’ requirements allowing pupils to see diversity of worship and investigate differing impacts of religious beliefs.

London Religious Studies School Day Trips

Day trips to London are a great option for groups on a budget. We can arrange your visits, transportation, meals, travel insurance and free places.

WWI Battlefields Religious Studies School Trips

There could be no better time to explore the traditional notion of 'The Just War'. With special commemorative events continuing to 2018, our WWI battlefields tours give pupils a deeper understanding of the war.

Krakow Religious Studies School Trips

A religious studies school trip to Krakow will provide an in-depth study of the Jewish community in the city, one of the most important centres of Jewish life in pre-war Europe.

Berlin Religious Studies School Trips

The recent history of Germany’s capital is still clearly evident today – walk through this fascinating city and feel continually aware of its recent past. Our experienced guides can provide an introductory talk on the history and diversity of the largely integrated Jewish community in Germany.

Amsterdam Religious Studies School Trips

A school trip to Amsterdam allows religious studies groups to explore all aspects of Jewish life and culture prior to WWII through a series of well-preserved sites and excellent museums.

Rome Religious Studies School Trips

Uncover the delights of this ‘Eternal City’ including attending events such as the weekly Papal group audience on Wednesdays or the Sunday Papal Blessing in St Peter’s Square.

New York Religious Studies School Trips

New York is a great place for your pupils to learn first-hand about key study themes, including citizenship and multi-cultural education.