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School field trips & tours

When it comes to practical learning, there is no substitute for real world experience. School field trips provide an ideal opportunity for students to gain this experience, develop key interpersonal skills, build stronger relationships with other classmates and, above all, to have fun learning.

Encouraging young people to develop a new perspective of another environment is a major part of their education that is not necessarily included in the classroom curriculum. The impact of a well-planned school trip goes far beyond exam results and is a chance to provide a memorable experience that will stay with pupils for the rest of their lives.

Whether you’re looking for school trip ideas closer to home or a chance to travel abroad, NST Group are here to help find and organise the perfect trip for your school.

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School Trips to London

School trips to London offer young people a valuable new perspective outside of the classroom and a chance to experience the sights, sounds, hustle and bustle of a major global city.

School Trips to Paris

Paris’ reputation as a global centre of culture is much deserved, and a school trip to Paris is a fantastic option for a number of reasons.

School Trips to Iceland

School trips to Iceland offer a wonderfully unique experience for students and bear witness of rare phenomena..

School Trips to Barcelona

As the historic centre and capital of Catalonia in Northern Spain, Barcelona has an inimitable feel that no other Spanish city can match.

School Trips to New York

You can guarantee that a New York school trip will be an unforgettable and incredibly valuable experience for any school

School Trips to Berlin

Berlin is a flourishing cosmopolitan city with so much to see and do for a school trip, whether your focus is art, history, psychology, business or language.

School Trips to Belgium

Often described as the ‘Pearl of the Low Countries’, Belgium is a beautiful country with a unique mixture of influences from neighbouring France, Netherlands and Germany.

School Trips to Krakow

Krakow is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland, and a fantastic school trip destination for any class.