UK & overseas representative profiles

Aliya Jivraj

NST City Representative - Paris

Aliya’s passion for learning new languages led her to study at Sorbonne University in Paris. She fell in love with the city and is now a true Parisienne having moved back in 2004 . With extensive local knowledge, she provides invaluable support and advice to our groups.

Eva Cassi

NST City Representative – Barcelona

Eva has always loved Barcelona. She has worked as a guide for over 15 years and enjoys sharing her knowledge with visitors. She is well-seasoned in making tours fun and interactive and offering NST groups full support during their stay.

Tatjana Wachau

NST City Representative – Berlin

Native Berliner and professional tour guide for over ten years, Tatjana offers detailed insight into Berlin and its history. She enjoys assisting groups and can focus on any subject. Tatjana is a member of the Registered Association of the Berlin Tourist Guides.

Birgit Stempfle

NST City Representative – Munich

Birgit is a true local and was born and raised in Bavaria. Her love of Munich and interest in history led her to work as an official guide of Munich, Bavaria and also as an accredited guide of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. She has worked with NST groups for over 15 years.

Pablo Sanchez

NST Destination Manager – Cantabria

Pablo has been assisting NST groups for over 15 years. He enjoys showing groups the beauty of the region and points of interest, sharing with them the culture and why the Spanish language here is one of the main reasons to travel to Cantabria.

Virginia Gonzalez Quintana

NST City Representative - Madrid

Virginia realised on a family trip, aged 6, that Madrid was the place she wanted to live when grown up. After many years travelling, she passed the official guide exam in 2006 and has enjoyed making visitors feel like "madrileños" since. The phrase ‘If you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid’ comes true during her tours.