Art trips & tours for schools 

Each of our destinations showcase a diverse range of art to put your pupils’ learning in context. From permanent collections and the latest temporary exhibitions, to world-famous architecture and landmarks, you’ll not only get to discover amazing, unique works, but will also be inspired by the culture of these great locations.

Great range of art school trip destinations

From London and Paris, to Madrid or even New York, there are so many experiences to choose from, whatever discipline or era of work you’d like to cover. Each of our destinations showcase a diverse range of art to put your pupils’ learning in context. Plus, our free gallery booking service means no waiting, no queuing and an itinerary that runs more smoothly.

London Art & Design School Trips

London is home to some of the largest permanent collections and most thought-provoking temporary exhibitions across the globe.

London Art & Design Day Trips

A great way for art and design groups to enjoy a low cost experience in the capital city, with a wide range of unique educational visits to choose from.

Paris Art & Design School Trips

A full range of specialisms are showcased in famed locations such as the Musée d’Orsay, Louvre and Pompidou.

Madrid Art & Design School Trips

Madrid is home to the ‘Golden Triangle of museums’ offering gallery after gallery of masterworks.

Berlin Art & Design School Trips

Berlin is a hot spot for the international art world and few other cities have such an extensive and concentrated art scene.

Rome Art & Design School Trips

It’s the ideal place to focus on traditional approaches to art in the many impressive galleries and museums.

Venice Art & Design School Trips

Beautiful surroundings, stunning architecture and fascinating street scenes.

Florence Art & Design School Trips

30% of the world’s most important works of art are in Florence!

New York Art & Design School Trips

There is an outstanding selection of dynamic contemporary works here, especially at the world-famous Guggenheim Museum.

Washington DC Art & Design School Trips

Washington DC offers a whole host of experiences.

Amsterdam Art & Design School Trips

Amsterdam is ideal if you want your group to study a wide spectrum of art in one visit.