School Trips to Barcelona

As the historic centre and capital of Catalonia in Northern Spain, Barcelona has an inimitable feel that no other Spanish city can match. 

School trips to Barcelona offer a diverse experience to students of all ages and subjects – from the modernist architecture of Gaudi and surreal art on show at the Museu Picasso, to the bustling atmosphere of Las Ramblas and illustrious heritage of the Camp Nou. 

There's nothing like the full immersion effect to get students in the right frame of mind when it comes to improving their Spanish. Although (as any Catalan will doubtless tell you, whether you ask them or not) Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and has its own Catalan language, the city's most used tongue remains Spanish thanks to a large number of residents from other parts of Spain, as well as a sizeable population of South Americans and Spanish-speaking foreigners. 

Does it sound like a school trip to Barcelona could be the ideal excursion for your school? Get in touch to find out more information or advice on all available options.

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