School Trips to Poland

With its storied history, vibrant culture and wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Poland is a perfect setting for any school trip.

The picturesque cities of Warsaw and Krakow are perhaps the most well-known, though there are countless other must-see sites dotted all around the country. NST have been arranging school trips to Poland for decades, so you’ll certainly be in safe hands when deciding a bespoke itinerary that meets the specific requirements of your class.

Let’s start off with Krakow, one of the nation’s oldest cities and an unforgettable destination for any group focussing on history or religious studies. A school trip to Krakow will provide an in-depth study of the Jewish community in the city, one of the most important centres of Jewish life in pre-war Europe. The evidence of the wartime experience of Europe’s Jewish population in ghettos such as Podgorze, coupled with a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau, will enable pupils to develop a thorough, rounded picture of the experience of Jewish communities and discrimination in central Europe during the 20th century. 

Guided tours take classes through the cell block structures, exhibits and various points of interest. The site is also not too far from the enamel factory owned by Oskar Schindler – the Nazi businessman who famously saved the lives of thousands of Jewish people by demanding them from the concentration camps. His good deeds would eventually go on to achieve worldwide acclaim through the book Schindler’s Ark and subsequent film Schindler’s List. This is a thought-provoking religious school trip to Krakow that your pupils are likely to remember for many years to come.

Krakow is also steeped in history beyond Auschwitz, particularly across the beautiful Old Town which is known as the historic centre of the city. Here you’ll find meandering cobbled streets, interesting museums and galleries. There’s also the Wieliczka Salt Mine, a massive expanse of caverns, lakes and crystalline sculptures that have been growing for 900 years. It’s easy to see why these areas were named among the first urban UNESCO world heritage sites. 

Poland has a distinct gastronomic reputation and is famous for merging cuisine from foreign countries, notably Italy and other Baltic nations. It’s safe to say that the country’s multitude of restaurants really do cater to every possible taste. Couple that with the number of wonderful concert halls, performance venues and language-learning experiences on offer and it’s easy to see why Poland is one of Europe’s top cultural destinations.

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