School trips to France

A school trip to France is one of our most popular options for teachers looking to provide their class with a hugely valuable learning experience that is, relatively speaking, right on the UK’s doorstep.

NST offer a huge range of France school trips for both primary school, high school and college classes all year round. There are few better places to develop a stronger understanding of French language, music and culture than Paris. Or if wartime history or literature is your focus then a short trip to Northern France is guaranteed to reinforce the social impact of both WWI and WWII for all students. 

Looking for more information and advice on how to plan out your perfect France school trip? Give the NST team a call today, we’re always happy to help you bring learning to life outside the classroom.

Learn more about our France school trips

School Trips to Paris

Paris’ reputation as a global centre of culture is much deserved, and a school trip to Paris is a fantastic option for a number of reasons.

School Trips to Northern France

Northern France is a fantastic school trip destination for a number of reasons. Here, beautiful countryside meets medieval villages, poignant wartime memorials and wonderful food. It’s not too far to travel from the UK either.

School Trips to Normandy

Our range of school trips to Normandy take in traditional seaside towns, local markets and historical sites to create an incredibly valuable learning experience for students of all ages.

French Language School Trips & Tours

There’s really no better way to reinforce your classroom-based learning than by surrounding your pupils with native speakers and immersing them in the culture and daily rhythms of French life

School Trips to WWI Battlefields

Our WWI battlefield tours programme covers the events of WWI in considerable historical detail, particularly in the Ypres Salient and Somme regions.

Loire Valley French Language School Trips & Tours

This diverse region of France is an ideal destination for a French language study tour. Known as ‘the Garden of France’, the Loire Valley is home to many cultural and educational visits for language groups.

Loire Valley Science School Trips & Tours

The Loire Valley is without doubt one of Europe’s most diverse regions, with plenty of educational opportunities for your science pupils to enjoy.

Lille Christmas Market Day Trips & Tours

Lille plays host to the largest Christmas market of Northern France and has a programme of celebrations throughout the festive period.

Brittany French Language School Trips & Tours

During a language school trip to Brittany, your pupils will be able to practise their French language skills whilst enjoying a range of language-focused visits

Geography School Trips & Tours to the French Alps

The French Alps is a fantastic location for a geography field trip. The awe and wonder of the Alpine landscape around Chamonix is sure to inspire your pupils.