School Trips to China

If you’re thinking about organising an incredible learning experience that your students will never forget then a school trip to China ticks all the boxes.

Steeped in tradition, the world’s third-largest country provides a unique backdrop for classes to gather insights into geography, history and sociology, to name but a few subjects. Whatever the focus of your students, being able to explore Chinese culture firsthand is an experience that they will surely never forget.

As one of the world’s oldest ancient civilisations, China’s recorded history stretches back over 3,000 years to when the Xia dynasty first emerged in settlements along the Yangtze River. A lot has happened since then, not least in the past century with the rise of Mao Zedong and the People’s Republic of China. This makes China a fascinating setting to dig deeper into communist ideology and the country’s progression in becoming a global economic power.

There are countless landmarks and educational trips to choose from, ranging from the famous Great Wall to the Olympic Stadium (otherwise known as the Bird’s Nest) built in 2008. Beijing, the nation’s capital city, bustles with life and boasts many renowned sights to see. Painting and cookery sessions are also available for classes with a interest in art or food technology. Or, why not venture a little further afield to discover serene Buddhist temples before heading to a spectacular Chinese acrobat show later in the evening? 

China’s incredibly varied landscape offers keen geographers the chance to cruise along the Yangtze River, learn about mountain ranges, the Three Gorges Dam and much more. Even beyond the major tourist hotspots, there’s always the option visit a few small towns and settlements to see how locals live as you move further out of the major cities. The contrast between urban and rural life that becomes more than apparent in some villages certainly makes for a perfect case study.

Our goal at NST is to bring learning to life outside the classroom and inspire a greater thirst for knowledge among young people – a school trip to East Asia is the perfect way to do that. If you’re looking to talk through your options regarding Chinese school trips, get in touch with an NST travel expert today on 0845 293 7970.

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