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For A-Level groups (and GCSE groups studying the OCR GCSE depth study ‘Poland 1956-1990: The People and the State’), Gdansk provides an ideal destination. A city where a study of recent events will help pupils to understand the realities of life in a communist state and to follow the ideological and physical struggles that led to the collapse of communism in Central Europe.


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  • Visits to World War Two Museum, European Solidarity Center, Meeting with a Solidarity Member and a game of bowling
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Top visits

Guided walking tour of the city covering the end of WWII and the Communist state in Poland

Exclusive to NST

Your Educationalist Guide will take you on a walking tour around the city to cover key historic events and themes.

World War II Museum

Understand origins of the Cold War at this museum that presents the Polish experience of the war and its aftermath.

European Solidarity Center

Features the “Roads to Freedom” exhibition. Located in the Gdansk shipyards where Lech Wałęsa led the 1979 strike that led to the birth of Solidarity.

Meeting with a Solidarity Member or strike participant

Groups have the invaluable opportunity to meet with a Solidarity member or strike participant, and gain first hand insight into life under communist rule.

Evening activites

  • Bowling

Study themes

Study points - The tour will concentrate on Poland 1956 to 1990 including;
- 1956 demonstrations
- 1970 Baltic Coast strikes and their suppression
- the 1970's - Poland under Gierek
- the role of the Catholic Church, the inauguration of John Paul II, the 1979 Papal visit
- 1980 Gdansk shipyard strike and the rise of Solidarity - its political aims and achievements
- Imposition of Martial Law, suppression of Solidarity
- 1980's - Poland under Jaruselski - Solidarity underground, Walensa's Nobel Prize, murder of Jerzy Popielusko
- 1989 - Round Table talks, constitutional change 
- 1990 Walensa as President

Topics that can also be covered include;
- The Treaty of Versailles, Danzig and the Polish Corridor
- Free City of Danzig, the rise of Nazism in the city in the 30's, Danzig's status as a German grievance under Hitler
- The City in WWII - the first shots of the war
- Danzig and the Holocaust
- German Danzig to Polish Gdansk - changing borders and populations in post war Europe - the political aims of the Soviet Union


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