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French Language Enrichment Experiences

Challenge, inspire and engage your pupils in the practical application of the target language with our French Language Enrichment Experience at NST’s Château d’Ebblinghem!

Our French Language Enrichment Experience has been designed to develop conversational and comprehension skills through a range of exciting target language-focused activities and visits with an emphasis on enrichment experiences. Pupils will participate in traditional French activities
and enjoy an array of cultural visits on the Opal Coast, where they will have the opportunity to interact with native speakers and practise their target language skills.

Based at NST's Château d'Ebblinghem

Our French Language Enrichment Experience is based at Château d’Ebblinghem, NST’s very own 19th century French country house set in a rural location in North West France, just 45 minutes from the Channel ports.

Our château has been designed with school groups in mind and offers a secluded location, excellent recreational facilities, organised evening activities and dedicated teacher areas.

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French Language Enrichment Experience at NST's Château - Our GroupiesYour French Speaking Group Co-ordinator

Your group will be assigned a French speaking Group Co-ordinator to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

They will encourage your pupils to engage with the target language throughout the day, especially when using high frequency phrases and questions, such as ‘What time is dinner?’ and ‘What are we doing tomorrow?’.

Our Group Co-ordinators are chosen for their enthusiasm, proficiency in the target language and suitability for working with school groups. However, they are not qualified teachers and your input will be required to support and guide your pupils with respect to linguistic accuracy and input.

Our sample language enrichment itinerary

Our French Language Enrichment Experience comprises of a range of target language-focused activities and cultural visits. Our sample itinerary below gives you some ideas of visits and activities that you can include however you can choose any combination to best meet the needs of your pupil.

Whatever the age or ability of your group, we can design an experience pitched at exactly the right level and with the perfect amount of French to enrich learning and enable your pupils to engage with the target language. 

Day 1

Morning departure from school. Check into accommodation. 

Evening meal followed by crêpe-making activity.

Day 2

Le Petit Déjeuner à la Française (French breakfast).

Demonstration & tasting at a local boulangerie followed by a visit to a local goat farm.

Evening meal (including cheese tasting session).

Day 3

French market experience (try out your language skills while buying food) - return to the château to make your dish. Later, visit a local (snail farm).

Evening meal (including snails) followed by French evening entertainment (including a quiz & boules).

Day 4

French language town trail in St Omer then depart for return journey to school.

Activities & visits

Le petit déjeuner a la francąise

During this fun breakfast time activity at NST's château, your group will enjoy a typical French breakfast of hot chocolate in bowls with French bread and pastries.

Dégustation de fromage

Sample a range of French cheeses and discuss the varying tastes, your likes and dislikes in the target language. A fantastic after-dinner activity at NST's château.

Fabrication de crêpes

Watch a crepe-making demonstration in the target language at NST's château then have a go at making your own!

Fabrication de tarte au sucre

Enjoy a tarte au sucre demonstration in the target language at NST's château, then make your own during this fun activity.

On va faire des courses

Visit a local supermarket or market to buy ingredients, then make a lunch dish back at NST's château during this morning/lunchtime activity.

Démonstration et Dégustation dans une boulangerie à proximité

Learn about the process of making traditional French bread in the target language, then taste the produce.

Visite de la ferme aux chèvres

Enjoy a talk about French farming in the target language followed by cheese tasting.

Visite de la ferme aux escargots

Learn about rearing snails in the target language then try tasting one for yourself!

Visite de la fabrique de bonbons

Watch and listen to the sweet maker describe, in the target language, the process of making sweets. Students get to taste the sweets produced.

Town trails

Explore the towns of St Omer or Boulogne with our town treasure trails during this half day activity. Available in the target language or English.

Language workshops at Lille & Boulogne universities

Enjoy speaking and listening sessions with native speakers and learn new vocabulary and phrases in a fun and engaging way. Topics and difficulty level can be tailored to your group.

Free Go Explore learning resources!

All pupils will receive a copy of our Go Explore Journal when you book your French Language Enrichment Experience with us. The journal is a great tool for pupils to record their experience and it contains space to add information or new vocabulary, to write down pre-visit notes, and to record what they have learned in the daily journal sections.

What our group leaders say...

"The highlight of the trip was that the pupils were able to practise their French from day one."

"Our Group Co-ordinator, Abi, was very good. Her spoken French was excellent. All of the château staff were very enthusiastic and were great at entertaining the children."

"We were very impressed with the visit to the boulangerie and goat farm as they were conducted entirely in French and we felt that the children learned a lot. They spoke very clear French and our pupils were able to understand most of what was said."

"The Group Co-ordinators were great. They had very good French and were very good with the children. I think they deserve to be commended."