Get Your Students to Love the Language They Are Learning

Learning a new language is a tremendous skill for any student. It opens the door to new cultures, traditions and lifestyles from all over the world. Learning a new language can be tricky, mainly when learning is limited to textbooks and audio alone. 

But don't worry. At NST, we have plenty of language school trips and ideas to share that are guaranteed to inspire and help your students learn a new language.

Let's explore some excellent learning enrichment activities together!


Learning languages through the magic of travel

We understand the value of educational travel and the vast benefits it can bring to students, especially those learning a new language. When a student can absorb the language spoken in the country, it creates a unique and wonderful world of learning possibilities.

Language enrichment activities come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to traditional classroom learning, methods like practising with flashcards or listening and repeating phrases from audio are incredibly effective. But learning a new language through travel offers a more practical and engaging approach that significantly supports and enhances classroom learning. Here are some fantastic locations and language enrichment activities to consider.


Say "bonjour" to France

France is fascinating, especially if your students want to improve their French language skills. We have a great selection of locations, including Paris and Normandy. You can find language enrichment activities in every corner on a school trip to France. Perhaps it's through a guided tour of a city or town or while visiting a show-stopping art gallery and hearing talks from the exhibits. On a school language trip to France, students can experience and hear how the French language is spoken amongst native speakers whilst learning more about the country's culture and history.


Hola Spain!

Do your students want to learn how to speak Spanish? Then they will have much to be thankful for on one of our Spanish language trips.

This historically rich country offers a wealth of educational visits and attractions for pupils to explore together during a Spanish language study tour. NST has been providing school trips to Spain for several years and can offer engaging itineraries that tick all of the boxes for cultural and Spanish language requirements.

Consider one of our school trips to Madrid, where classical heritage combines with a vibrant and modern city, to make a compelling student trip any time of the year. The streets are compact enough to accommodate a guided walk where students can learn all there is to know about Spain straight from native speakers.


Develop your German language skills

A school trip to Germany provides a wealth of language enrichment activities! From the Rhine and Moselle to Berlin, Germany offers the opportunity for students to develop their language skills in many ways.

If you're heading to the Rhine and Moselle, then day trips to the countryside towns of Cochem and Rüdesheim would make an exciting visit. Or maybe a Rhine River Cruise would be a perfect way to view the sights while listening to a German tour guide. Why not test your students to see how much they can interpret? 

Berlin is always up there as one of the best places to visit in Germany. This bustling city has plenty of entertaining excursions that build your students' German language skills. We can even include some language workshops for your class while you're on your trip, where students will participate in speaking and listening sessions with native speakers.


Practically perfect school trips

At NST, we provide school trips that educate and entertain through many language enrichment activities. Our unrivalled knowledge of destinations across the UK, Europe and beyond, accompanied by our years of experience, allows us to create the perfect itinerary. We aim to ensure your students have the most fun while learning as much as possible!

Whether you're looking for school trips to London or other subject-specific trips such as history school trips or geography trips, then we have you covered. 

So if you're ready to fly your students out to the country of the language they're learning, then get in touch today to discuss your unique requirements. We're always here to help.