5 Ways to Engage Students in STEM

UK STEM subjects consist of core learning which is vital for all students to ensure the best academic foundations to succeed in their personal educational and professional goals. However, it has to be said that some UK STEM subjects can be a little dry for some students, which is why keeping them engaged during lessons can sometimes be a challenge. But with a bit of outside-the-box thinking, you'll discover multiple ways to get your students eager to engage to participate. 

Today, we will share some inventive ways to get your students pumped about UK STEM subjects, including some suggestions for creative approaches to teaching that make STEM subjects a little more fun. 


Importance of UK STEM Subjects:

We're sure you're already aware that because the importance of UK STEM subjects cannot be underestimated, it's vital that during each lesson, students stay focused and retain as much information as possible. 

We understand that it’s easier said than done but try keeping pupils heavily involved in class discussions and implement practical elements within tasks to keep their hands and minds busy. Encouraging them to interact with a topic physically and with each other increases their attention span, when they are connected it keeps them engaged for longer.


Examples of UK STEM subjects

Most further-education academic courses will require the basic knowledge of some  UK STEM subjects, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths


STEM unlocks doors

When students thrive in UK STEM subjects, they can then build on their knowledge and set the necessary foundations to achieve a professional role in their desired fields.

Science will pave the way for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary and scientific research.

Technology is essential for students considering a career in architecture, computer science, engineering, and construction.

Engineering will be essential for many careers such as mechanics and robotics.

Mathematics is crucial for students considering a career in finance, accounting, coding and actuarial science.

UK STEM subjects teach academic skills that are important for all students, regardless of their future goals and aspirations. In addition, these subjects allow students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied in any number of real-world scenarios. 


Ways to make UK STEM subjects fun 

Making heavier topics more fun can be as simple as incorporating hands-on activities or experiments into lesson plans. For example, rather than simply having students read about the solar system, teachers can create a solar system model that students can interact with and discuss with their peers. Practical learning can profoundly affect students as it helps them better understand the concepts being taught and make the material more engaging. But that's not the only way to liven-up learning...You could always try:


Games & Challenges

Incorporating games and challenges within STEM topics adds an element of excitement and can make learning materials more hands-on. Have them perform and experiment with real-world examples that students may be able to relate to.


Switch up your teaching style

Another way to engage students in STEM is to use engaging teaching methods. This means using a variety of approaches to reach all students, such as using technology, cooperative learning, and problem-based learning.


Make UK STEM subjects more relatable

Making UK STEM subjects more relevant to students' lives is another way to engage them. This can be done by connecting the material to current events, using popular topic examples that appeal to them.


Take advantage of technology

Living in such a digital age means it makes sense to use technology as it can be a great way to engage students in UK STEM subjects. This includes using online resources, incorporating coding into lesson plans, and using simulations and virtual reality.


Encourage creativity and critical thinking

Encouraging creativity and critical thinking is another way to engage students in STEM. This can be done by having them work on open-ended projects, asking them to come up with solutions to problems, and encouraging them to think outside the box.


Take an educational trip

School trips are a magnificent way for students to explore new places and engage in rich educational experiences whilst having fun with friends.

Apart from opening students' eyes to different parts of the world, school trips can also help pupils develop and enhance essential life skills they will need. Preparing for life beyond education is something that the magic of travel can offer. Our team of experts can help you to plan a STEM trip, whether you’re looking to plan an overseas maths trip, attend a science conference with your pupils, or attend a technology trip to engage students outside of the classroom.

Each new experience lies an immense opportunity for students to discover and undergo personal growth. Exciting journeys help spark imagination and encourage students to discover hidden passions and talents that they may never have realised. 

When it comes to choosing your educational trip, we can help. Here at NST, we've had the delight of planning incredible and unforgettable educational trips and enriching the lives of students of all ages. So get in contact today to start exposing your students to the wonderful and limitless possibilities of school trips. 

By using these strategies, teachers can engage students in UK STEM subjects and help them better understand the material. This will prepare them for their future careers and increase their understanding of the world around them. Remember, if you want to give your students a practical approach to learning UK STEM subjects, are trip can be a wonderfully impactful way to achieve just that. 

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