How to Disguise Learning Opportunities as Fun


Keeping students on track with their learning can be challenging, especially when competing with devices and the joys of online media. 

But students who are motivated to learn have a greater chance of success and are far more likely to thrive academically. Unfortunately, research shows up to 20% of students are described as disengaged, which means they may struggle to perform in school.

We understand that half the battle is igniting that spark or finding ways to capture their interest and make learning fun. Nothing will ever replace classroom learning, but there are ways that it can be enhanced and supported such as learning outside the classroom


Teaching outside the box

Or, in this case, the classroom. We want to make life a little easier for teachers and students and believe that teaching in the world around us has multiple benefits. 

Outdoor learning benefits can be achieved through practical learning and can be a refreshing approach, especially when it comes to an understanding of some academic topic. It offers much more context than just reading from a textbook, helping students retain more relevant information. 

Having the chance to put their studies into practice allows your students to absorb the curriculum from an entirely new perspective. For example, if your students are learning about a specific battle or time in history, visiting a museum or exhibition where they can see artefacts from that period would be a unique way to discover what that era was really like. Interactive learning will spark their imagination in various ways and is guaranteed to capture their curiosity. 


The perks of interactive learning 

Regardless of what subject a student is studying, school trips and outdoor activities are guaranteed to make the experience much more fun. When students are having fun, they are able to retain key parts of information that they can then apply to their classroom studies. 

It’s our pleasure to provide unique learning opportunities for all, which is why we offer a variety of dynamic school trips both at home and all over the globe. Taking an educational quest enables students to fully immerse in their subjects, all whilst having fun and making lasting memories with their peers.


Swapping the science lab for Disney?

The mere mention of Disney conjures up excitement and joy that can't be compared. Why not treat your students to Science LIVE? Show your students science in action at our Science LIVE! Conference. Students get the opportunity to learn from speakers who are specialists in their field at our Science LIVE! Conference - all whilst enjoying the sparkle and magic of Disneyland® Paris! 

Learning on a school trip is always a compelling experience, but learning with friends in one of the most magical places on earth takes it to another level. Discover our enchanting school trips to Disneyland Paris


Maths in the Mediterranean

Sound ideal? We thought so. Maths can be a tricky topic to make fun of, but not on an epic school trip to Barcelona. A trip to this vibrant city allows your students to discover mindblowing mathematics throughout the city! From the iconic Sagrada Família to modern buildings such as the Agbar Tower, pupils can use the city’s dramatic architecture and a range of attractions and museums to explore mathematical concepts. 

Explore our maths school trips to Barcelona. Interested in the outdoor learning benefits that Barcelona has to offer? Please find out more information about our school trips to Barcelona.


Level up language skills

Whatever language your students learn, the effect is maximised when visiting the country where the native language is spoken. 

For example, if your students are learning French, German or Spanish, there is no better way to immerse themself than to meet and communicate with mother-tongue speakers in their home countries. 

This gives students irreplaceable insight into what life is like in that country and will provide them with unique educational opportunities to strengthen their language and communication skills. 

Interested? Explore our range of modern foreign language school trips right here.


School trips support learning and personal development

Apart from dusting off the cobwebs and enabling students to get out into the real world, learning outside the classroom can provide students with a wealth of valuable benefits, which include:


  • Team building skills

  • Communication

  • Critical thinking 

  • Leadership skills

  • Confidence 

  • Problem-solving

  • Independence 


Practically perfect school trips

At NST, we provide school trips that are both fun but also incredibly enriching for your students. Our unrivalled knowledge of destinations across the UK, Europe and beyond, accompanied by our years of experience, allows us to create the perfect itinerary. We aim to ensure your students have the most fun while learning as much as possible!

So if you're ready to discover the outdoor learning benefits of our educational school trips, book today as spaces are limited.

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