How School Trips Improve Students' Wellbeing

Outdoor teaching with school trips is a fantastic way to help improve students' wellbeing. Many students love to vary their learning, and taking your class on a school trip has many learning benefits and wellbeing improvements. No matter the subject, there are opportunities for your class to head on a school trip and develop your students' interpersonal skills. 


Student wellbeing in schools

Wellbeing in the classroom is a priority that schools and teachers consider in all aspects of teaching, and we know its importance. The brains of young people can soak up a lot of information, but this has to be positive. A teacher's role in students’ wellbeing can help shape students for years to come. This is why we have some excellent ways school trips improve students' wellbeing overall.


Builds self-confidence

Confidence is something lots of students struggle with, especially in the classroom. But allowing students to take part in a range of activities and outdoor learning can help increase their self-confidence when completing tasks and challenges on these school trips. 

School trips can also help students step out of their comfort zone by participating in group activities or meeting new people. This could encourage students to get involved and realise that they are great in a particular activity or topic, increasing their self-confidence and self-belief.


Make new friends

Making friends at school can be difficult for some students, and it may be the case that they only speak to new classmates during group work. Well, school trips encourage greater interactions between students. Students will spend most of their time in groups, discussing, socialising and learning. This can connect students with others they may not speak to often in the classroom, providing excellent opportunities for meeting new friends. 

These actions help to promote positive wellbeing due to it creating safe and positive environments for students who may feel isolated.


New experiences for all

It may well be the first time students stay away from home for some time; however, this comes with plenty of benefits. It can help improve students' independence skills by allowing them to make decisions they may not have otherwise made at home. It also provides a new learning environment where they can thrive and attain knowledge in a more practical and fun way. 

Students may also discover a new hobby or interest while away. Giving students an alternative view of learning, they may become intrigued by a topic when they see a historical monument like the Brandenburg Gate on a school trip to Berlin, or even discover what the Natural History Museum has to offer on one of our London school trips. Gaining a new interest or hobby can help improve students' wellbeing as it's something they can immerse themselves in at home. 

These new hobbies can encourage good physical health, and be a form of art therapy, whether drawing or playing music. Has your student just found their new favourite hobby?


Students can express themselves

A classroom environment can be intimidating for quiet students, but when they are on a school trip, they may feel like they can express themselves and participate more. A new environment and practical learning could be all that one student needs to come out of their shell, giving them the freedom to explore museums and ask questions to tour guides


Develop class relationships

The group work and team-building exercises on school trips help develop the whole class relationship as they work together to accomplish tasks and challenges. A school trip can also develop stronger relationships as students see teachers in a completely different environment than usual.  

On one of our residential school trips, getting your students together in a group at the end of each day is a great way for them to talk to each other, allowing them to reminisce about the trip and talk about what they’ve learnt. This represents a safe space for your pupils where they can talk freely. 

The relationships built on school trips can help students' wellbeing when back in the classroom, as this promotes social and emotional competency, giving them the confidence to communicate with the whole class during discussions and exercises.


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