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Munich & Nuremberg History School Trips & Tours - Nazism

Your pupils will gain an in-depth understanding of the Rise of Nazism through visits within Munich and Nuremberg. Munich was once a Nazi stronghold referred to as Haupstadt der Bewegung (“capital of the movement”) and on your history school trip in Nuremberg you will visit the rally ground, scene of some of the most important events in the Nazi calendar, and the impressive museum “Fascination and Terror”, which concentrates on the Nazi use of propaganda.

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Top visits

Munich Walking Tour – only with our Educationalist History Guide

Exclusive to NST

This half day tour with your guide covers; Residenzestrasse, scene of the crushing of the 1923 Putsch; Thierchstrasse, location of Hitler’s apartment; Odeonsplatz; Bürgersaalkirche, the parish church and the burial place of Rupert Mayer; The University, memorial for the White Rose group and Haus der Kunst, famous art gallery from the Nazi period.

Dachau Memorial Site

Germany’s first concentration camp. Within the camp headquarters there is now a museum which serves as a poignant reminder of the horrors of Nazi rule.

Munich Documentation Centre

Opened in 2015, the centre will provide a central place of learning and remembrance that will address the city's National Socialist past and the ramifications of Nazi dictatorship.

Königsplatz & Karolinenplatz

Walking tour of important Nazi buildings including the site of the ‘Brown House’, the original party headquarters from 1930, the Führer Building, site of the 1938 conference and see also the headquarters of the SA and the Hitler youth.

White Rose Monument

A monument to the White Rose resistance group, famous for their leaflet campaigns in which they opposed the Nazi regime during WWII. This is located outside the Ludwig-Maximilian-University.

Nazi Rally Grounds

Chosen by the Nazi party to be the site of the huge party rallies, the grounds covered about 11 square kilometres in the southeast of Nuremberg. Six Nazi party rallies were held there between 1933 and 1938 and the buildings standing today provide good examples of authentic Nazi architecture.

Museum of Fascination & Terror

Hailed as one of the most important museums of the Nazi period in Germany, concentrating on the use of propaganda and the media by the Nazis.

Nuremberg Trials Memorial

The guilt of the leaders of the Third Reich is the focus of this permanent exhibit at the courthouse in Nuremberg, Germany, where the Nazis were tried and convicted of waging a war of aggression and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. The exhibit includes hundreds of photographic, film, text and audio displays that tell the story of Nazi war crimes and the fate of the men who masterminded them.

Study themes




"Superpowers and the Cold War, 1941-1991"

"Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-1939"



"Germany: 1890-1945"

"Conflict and tension between East and West, 1945-1972"


OCR History A

"Germany: 1925-1955"


OCR History B

"Living under Nazi Rule, 1933-1945"



"Germany in Transition, 1919-1939"

"The Development of Germany, 1919-1991"

A Level



"2E.2 – The German Democratic Republic, 1949-1990"

"1G - Germany and West Germany, 1918-1989"

"37.2 - Germany, 1871-1990: united, divided and reunited"



"1L - The quest for political stability, 1871-1991"

"2O - Democracy and Nazism, 1918-1945"

"2R – The Cold War, c1945-1991"

Study levels

A Level

AS Level


Expert's comment

"A combination of the sites and museums in Munich along with visits to Dachau and Nuremberg provides a very full programme of study.  This is given further depth by the opportunity to look at specific examples of German resistance to Nazism including the White Rose Group and Rupert Meyer."

Jeff Garner, NST's History Tours Programme Co-ordinator


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