Fun and Educational Attractions In Rome

Rome, with its rich history and cultural significance, offers so many educational attractions for school trips. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of fun and learning, then Rome could be the ideal destination for you. So, let’s explore some of the top educational attractions in Rome and see what they have in store for your students.


Educational Attractions In Rome

The Colosseum

This is one of the most significant historical sites in the world. It stands as an iconic symbol of ancient Rome, highlighting their incredible architectural skills. The Colosseum dates back to the 1st Century AD when the huge amphitheatre was used for things like gladiator contests and other events. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your students ancient Rome up close!

The Vatican

A city within a city, the Vatican City is an independent city-state surrounded by Rome. There is a collection of amazing buildings to see here, including St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and of course, the Vatican Museums. It’s a treasure trove of religious and artistic masterpieces, perfect for Art, History, or Religious Studies students. 

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is another ancient Rome site, which was once where several government buildings stood. It’s one of the most fantastic educational attractions in Rome because it allows your students to learn about the political and social life of ancient Romans as well as see the remains in person.

Capitoline Museums

At the top of the Capitoline Hill, you’ll find the Capitoline Museums, housing a spectacular collection of ancient Roman art and artifacts. The building itself was designed by Michelangelo, displaying his architectural talents. These museums are an educational haven, providing your students with an overview of Roman history, culture and artistry.

Catacombs of Rome

You’re in for a truly unique educational experience here as your students explore the Catacombs of Rome. These underground burial sites offer insights into early Christian life and burial traditions. They’re a bit spooky, but it’s a really fascinating location if you’re learning about history and religious studies. 

The Leonardo Da Vinci Experience Museum

We can’t forget about one of the greatest artistic minds in the world. Here you can immerse your students in the brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci, where many of his inventions and artworks are featured. Maybe your Art & Design students will take inspiration from his works and create their own masterpieces. 

Trevi Fountain

Visit the world-famous Trevi Fountain and wow your Art students with this Baroque masterpiece, designed by Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. This stunning fountain is one of the most imposing sculptures you and your students will ever see. A legend has it, that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain with your back to it, tossing the coin over your left shoulder with your left hand, you’ll be granted good luck and a return to Rome in the future.


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