School Trips That Elevate Key Stage 2 Learning

School Trips for KS2 students can bring many benefits. With the opportunity to learn in an alternative environment, participating in educational activities can engage your students and help their willingness to learn. 

At NST, we offer a wide range of insightful visits that can be added to our itineraries for all trips. The locations below are places we have chosen for you that feature many interesting attractions, wherever you want to visit!



View the many famous landmarks along the Thames as you sightsee on a river cruise during a school trip to London. This will be a breath of fresh air for your students while they sail past Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, revisiting their knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot. 

Walk through the beautiful gardens of the magnificent Hampton Court Palace, where your students studying the Tudors can see the playground of Henry VIII, which he used for jousting, hunting and feasting!



On your next school trip to Paris, head to the magical land of Disneyland for some tremendous cultural discovery opportunities! Your students will love to see how some of their favourite movies were made at the Walt Disney Studios Park, teaching them the processes of filmmaking and animation.

Experience the thrill of Big Thunder Mountain and see your students meet iconic Disney characters. A trip to Disneyland Paris is fascinating for your students, as they learn more about French culture while having the time of their lives.


York & Scarborough

Can your students seek out fossils at Robin Hood's Bay? This rocky shore is an ideal location for a Jurassic adventure! A school trip to York is the perfect place for a budding historian to explore. 

Thanks to the education centre here, your students can gather what they think could be fossils and have them classified. With a vast amount of wildlife to be found here, there are learning opportunities under every rock. 

Experience life as a Roman soldier at Brigantium Fort, Murton Park. Your students will step into the shoes of a Roman Army soldier as they enter the fort as new recruits. 

They will then be issued with their uniform and military equipment and gain insight into how they lived their daily lives. Students can apply their knowledge to their visit to Scarborough Castle, a once Roman-occupied fort from the Iron Age. 

Students will also be able to learn about its more recent history, including its involvement in the English Civil War and WWI.



A trip to Wales with NST would include the opportunity to see one of the finest Edwardian castles in the country. How many defences will your students be able to see out of 14? This brings an exciting KS2 learning experience for all your students, especially those studying relevant topics. 

See the spectacular mountains, lakes and forests at Snowdonia National Park. Trek through the valleys with your class and find incredible landscape views of the park. Also located in this area is Snowden, the highest mountain in Wales which is reachable by the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

There are many fantastic attractions and activities to elevate KS2 learning on our trips. Whether you are looking to stay in the UK or head abroad, we have a number of trips to offer you!


How NST can help plan your KS2 trip today

At NST, we have the pleasure of helping plan unforgettable educational school trip itineraries. We're confident that by following these tips, you can be sure that any school trip will be a success.

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