Plan a Residential School Trip with Confidence in 2022

It's all in the prep!

Venturing on a residential school trip is an exhilarating and fulfilling experience for everyone, especially the students. With so much fun and learning opportunities to be had, it's essential to consider and organise the trip to make sure everything's in place to run smoothly, which is why we're here to help. We know that when it comes to planning a residential school trip, there are so many things to keep in mind to make sure it goes off without a hitch. So, with this in mind, here are some tips so you can have confidence that by following these simple tips, your residential school trip will be a success in 2022.


Be organised

Avoid leaving any arrangements and research until the last minute; this ensures you get the trip you want and at the best deal possible. Consider any paperwork that will be needed and gather necessary information ahead of time. This will help avoid delays and disappointment.


Plan ahead

When planning a residential school trip, making sure you have enough time to explore your options will help with any arrangements and decision-making. Take time to research different locations and activities available, so you are in the best position to plan the perfect trip. Having enough time to commit to the process will ensure that you can make the best decision for meeting the social and academic needs of your pupils.


Consider your budget

Budget is a determining factor of any school trip, so make sure to evaluate all expenses, big and small. Devote time to creating a comprehensive list of any costs involved, such as travel, accommodation, and the cost of activities you may want to partake in. Specifying a budget early on helps save time and assures you avoid overstretching yourself, which can lead to disappointment. It also allows you to gather the funds needed promptly. Planning also enables parents and caregivers more time to accumulate money which increases the number of students who can go.


Get inspired

Think of the purpose of the trip and get inspired by locations that are sure to incite wonder, learning and delight. Speak with parents, caregivers and your students to get an idea of what they feel would be fun and beneficial. Choosing a popular location with engaging activities will help determine how successful the experience will be. Refer to previous successful residential school trips and see if they offer any valuable insight. 


Don't be afraid to ask questions

When planning a residential school trip, it's essential to have as much information as possible, so don't be reluctant to ask any questions you may have, even if they seem minor. It is paramount that you feel comfortable and that you're equipped with enough knowledge to make the best decision that caters to the needs of your students.


Seek support from experts

Getting support from travel experts like us at NST can help take the stress off any arrangements, so you can be free to concentrate on the crucial things. We can also share ideas on things you may want to consider plus any feedback and tips we have based on our years of experience.


Pack & prepare accordingly

When you have chosen a destination and decided on potential activities, it's essential to provide parents with a clear packing list. Make sure to include information on whether they need to include specific things such as extra clothing, equipment and waterproofs. Having the right tools and attire will ensure all students can partake in activities and are not left out.

By combining our simple tips with a sprinkle of imagination, you can be confident that any residential school trip you plan will be an absolute success in 2022, especially with NST in your corner. We've had the delight of planning hugely successful residential school trips, so get in contact today and let us help you make the process easier