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Here your students will watch an introductory film and be taken through the various stages of the car manufacturing process as they witness production on a huge scale. Q&A session also available.

Watch glass being melted then later cut into ornament patterns. This visit offers a good contrast to the mass production at the Skoda factory.

Staropramen Brewery, producers of the famous Czech beer, offers tours which will give students an insight into the brewing process, the history of the company and how the brand has expanded into overseas markets.

This presentation will cover several key topics including the Czech Republic’s political system, economic development, GDP, sector shares, state budgets, inflation, unemployment and import and export. Q&A session also available.


A half day tour of Prague on foot and public transport with your local guide will cover all the major historical sites of the city: Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Malá Strana (including Church of St Mikulas) and the Castle District.

On this 1½ hour long tour, your group will get to visit the three terminals, plus the terminal for government flights, as well as hangars, background facilities, air traffic control radars and the fire station.

The largest medieval castle complex in Europe and one of the most impressive collections of buildings in the city. Today, it is the seat of the President of the Czech Republic, serving as the historical and political centre of both city and state.

This two hour cruise on River Vlatava includes a buffet lunch, a popular choice with our groups.

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