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In the centre of Santander, this modern building has excellent acoustics with a very large stage - a high standard of performance is required.

This church always welcomes our groups and provides good audiences.

Groups are welcome to sing or perform concerts at this local church.

Santander and many nearby towns off er numerous opportunities for outdoor concerts during the summer months including Los Jardines de Pereda - one of the city’s most popular parks.

All have excellent facilities and welcome groups from the UK to perform for their Cantabrian counterparts. Often the entire school becomes the audience for concerts performed in a school theatre.

There are a wide number of these centres across the region which run a variety of social events throughout the year.

A replica of the original caves, famous for their prehistoric animal paintings. Students will be impressed by how the cave artists used the natural contours in the rock to enhance the animal figures. Workshops are available.

Take a guided tour (in English or Spanish) down the 1,500m route through this cave, with acoustic effects and spectacular lighting showcasing the natural formations. An awe-inspiring visit for students.

A visit to this unique nature park will be an unforgettable experience for your group. This park is unlike any other zoo or wildlife park. Attractions include falconry displays conducted in Spanish. Groups can now also feed the animals whilst accompanied by park staff.

Students can try the heart-stopping and passionate art of Flamenco dancing, a true cultural experience from Spain’s musical heritage.

Enjoy true Spanish cuisine at an authentic local restaurant. 

A small karaoke bar offers groups the opportunity to hold a disco or karaoke evening. Pre-book this venue and ensure sole group use.  

One of the most famous museums in the world, housing modern and contemporary art. The museum’s collection focuses primarily on American and European art from the 20th century. This is an ideal en-route visit for groups flying into Bilbao.

Cantabria’s first large indoor shopping centre has an impressive range of activities, including shops, cafés, restaurants, a games zone and an eight screen cinema. 

This small town gives students a taste of traditional Cantabria with its cobbled streets and squares, ancestral homes, towers and Modernist style buildings. It’s also home to Gaudí’s ‘El Capricho’ building and the neo-gothic Sobrellano Palace.

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