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This modern basilica in Montecatini Terme offers sacred choirs and classical orchestras a chance to sing with a mass service or perform an evening concert.

Choirs can sing at mass or give a lunchtime concert at this stunning cathedral.

Located in the heart of Florence, this church is a popular concert venue for both choirs and orchestras.


Terme Tettuccio is an example of one of the many thermal spas in  Montecatini Terme that offer choral and instrumental groups the  opportunity to give a performance in beautiful surroundings.


In the summer months, a stage is erected in this large square in the centre of Pistoia for groups to perform in front of the cathedral.


High in the Tuscan hills and enjoying refreshing summer breezes, this popular holiday village invites music groups with a popular repertoire to perform for their international guests as part of the evening entertainment programme.


During term time we can organise for your group to perform in Italian schools across the region.


The freestanding bell tower of the cathedral in Pisa is world-famous for its unintended tilt. Construction of the tower started in 1173 and took over 200 years to complete - it began to lean almost from the outset! A must-see for any group and a great photo opportunity for your students.

Choose to visit Pisa and view the world-famous leaning tower or Lucca, renowned for the well-preserved Renaissance walls encircling its historic city centre and its cobblestone streets. 

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