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Housing a collection of scientific instruments, this museum allows students to put today’s science into perspective and better understand the evolution of certain disciplines and techniques such as astronomy, microscopy, gnomonic (the development of sundials and similar instruments), electricity and meteorology.


This museum offers a fascinating insight into natural history and ecology. The display of life-size models highlights the great diversity of the world’s mammal, bird, reptile and insect population, as well as an overview of the history of Earth and the human race and geology of the Geneva region.


A unique opportunity to see the United Nations at work, here your students will learn about the United Nations Office in Geneva through guided tours, presentations and observing working sessions in action.


Visit the historic city of Bern and wander along the cobbled streets of the medieval old town and admire the Zeitglockenturm – the ornate astronomical clock. The Einstein Museum in the city is dedicated to his life and work as he discovered the Relativity Theory while living in Bern.

The exhibition offers an exciting and adventurous insight into contemporary humanitarian action.


Group guided tours of CERN follow a  variety of themes (depending on the day/availability) and comprise an introduction followed by a film and visits to experimental areas. All tours are guided by staff members involved with CERN. The duration of a tour is approximately 3 hours.

Science Gateway opening on 8th October, 2023, visitors from age five and above will be able to discover their inner scientist in hands-on education labs and explore CERN and the universe through immersive multimedia exhibitions. 

Groups can extend their visit to permanent exhibitions which will be explored without an escort guide: 
Universe of Particles - a fascinating look at a famous international particle physics laboratory which explore science from the Big Bang to the present day.
Science Gateway opening on 8th October, 2023, visitors from age five and above will be able to discover their inner scientist in hands-on education labs and explore CERN and the universe through immersive multimedia exhibitions. 


Opened in April 2009, the Bois-de-Bay STEP ('STation d'EPuration' or water treatment plant) is one of the largest water treatment plants in Switzerland. It treats wastewater from Meyrin Satigny Aïre-la-Ville and part of the Pays-de-Gex and disposes the rejected water in the Allondon, a stream known for its organic qualities and beauty.

In the company of a professional guide, discover the Old Town of Geneva - Switzerland's greatest historic city, dominated by St-Pierre Cathedral, the centrepiece of the Reformation. Explore the area's narrow streets with their shaded terraces, each one home to numerous treasures from Geneva's history that your guide will reveal to you. Appreciate the Reformation Wall in its exceptionally verdant surroundings, a monument to the people who made Geneva the Protestant Rome.

The Geneva Observatory is part of the University of Geneva located in Sauverny. The Geneva Observatory is a centre of education and training in astrophysics. Students will be given a short talk regarding uses for the observatory and how research is used within the astrophysics world. The tour of the observatory will start after the talk and you will visit the mechanical workshops & computer centre. Tour will end at the observatory dome where large astronomical telescope is located.

During the visit to La Maison Gruyère Cheese Factory you will be shown all stages of the cheese manufacture. You will be shown a short documentary about the cheese production and able to see the permanent exhibition at the factory's site. To finish you will be given a sample of cheese to taste. Headsets will be provided (information available in English). The Gruyère shop is open every day so you will be able to purchase cheese and other regional products.

Relax and enjoy all the scenic beauty of the lake with a fully narrated tour (commentary in English and French) as you cruise around lovely Geneva Lake on a 55-minute boat trip with 3 stops and views of the Jet d'Eau fountain.

The exhibition at the SIG Energy Pavilion tells the amazing story of electricity: the mysteries of its production the ingenuity of its distribution and its impact on the environment. Visitors will discover a variety of installations illustrating the birth and journey of electricity from the power plant to the home plug. New renewable energy sources are presented in a practical and informative way. The exhibition also highlights the supply of electricity and explains how to make energy even greener and more efficient. This visit is combined with Verbois Dam and SIG Solar 3 - Verbois Dam opened in 1944 and is the principal hydroelectric installation in Geneva producing electrical energy and SIG Solar 3 is one of the biggest solar power stations in Switzerland. 

Built in 1926 Centre William Rappard was the first building in Geneva designed to house an international organization. Over the past 90 years it has housed at different times the International Labour Office the UN High Commissioner for Refugees the Secretariat of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and since 1995 the World Trade Organization. Guided tours last about one hour and focus on the history of the building and its works of art (not on the functions of the WTO or the world trading system).

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