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The city’s sustainable Nature Centre, located close to Nuuksio National Park, is built entirely from wood and heated and cooled with energy derived from the sun and the earth. Combine a guided visit with a hike in the nearby forest trails and meet some reindeers in the forest.

Helsinki’s newest sustainable and architectural icon is located in the very heart of the city. Apart from its striking design, Oodi is extremely energy efficient. Its energy consumption level is almost zero. Learn about Finnish lifestyle, read magazines, enjoy lunch, work, hang out, see a movie, study, create music, print photos, it all happens in the library.

Helsinki is buzzing from Spring to Autumn months with electric scooters, which offer both a sustainable mode of transport, as well as speed to cover a large area. Expert guides will ensure safety, and all participants will be provided with instruction and helmets.

Viikki is a small residential area located approximately 8km from Helsinki which showcases sustainability in action.   As well as eco-housing, complete with solar and wind energy systems installed, Viikki is home to the University of Helsinki’s biosciences departments, a Science Park, educational farms and water treatment plants, and open farmland which includes a wetland nature reserve.

Experience how the Finns handle recycling from waste to regeneration. Visit a recycling centre and one of its recycling stores.

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