How to Discover the World Through Numbers

Your students may not realise it, but numbers are everywhere around us, and the power of numeracy enriches our everyday lives in both big and more subtle ways. 

Numbers can also tell us a lot about the world we live in. For students, discovering the world through numbers can be a fascinating and eye-opening experience.

One way that students can learn about the world through numbers is by taking part in maths school trips. These trips provide an opportunity for students to see how maths is used in real-world settings. They also offer a chance to learn more about other cultures and how different societies use maths in their everyday lives.

The benefits of arranging a maths school trip include:


Experiencing maths in the real world

When you're learning maths in the classroom, it can be easier to forget and harder to relate to. Seeing how maths is utilised outside of the classroom can help give context and bring the fascinating subject to life.


Learn about other cultures

Maths school trips often involve visiting different countries. This is an excellent opportunity for pupils to work with different currencies and work out exchange rates. These essential tasks give students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and how they use maths in their everyday lives.


Make maths more fun

Let's face it, not everyone finds maths easy, and sometimes it can be a challenge to keep some students engaged. But learning about maths in a fun and interactive way can make it more enjoyable for everyone. And what could be more fun than exploring the world on a maths school trip? In this instance, students get to:


-Experience maths in everyday situations

-See maths as a tool for discovery

-Realise the importance of critical thinking in maths

-Discover how to have fun with maths


But that's not all...

Maths trips also help with teambuilding skills as students are often placed into new and unique situations, broadening their cultural capital.  These experiences give them the opportunity to learn effective communication and problem-solving whilst collaborating with people they may not have had a chance to work with before.


Mathematical confidence

Maths trips also help with confidence-building. This is especially important because a lot of people tend to give up on maths when they don't understand it straight away. Having the opportunity to explore and learn in a new environment can help with this.

Maths-focused school trips are also an excellent way for students to learn about the world around them. It helps provide them with relatable scenarios so they can apply their maths skills practically, allowing them to be far more likely to retain information. It also helps them discover maths in a world beyond their back garden. 


Setting them up for their future

When students come back from a maths trip, not only will they have had a great time discovering and exploring new things about the world, but they've also gained valuable skills that will help them in their studies and in their future careers. This is fundamentally important as it can ignite passions and skills they may not have realised otherwise.


How NST can help plan the most unforgettable maths trips for students

Book a trip with our expert travel consultants to lay the foundations for an unforgettable experience. We plan everything: location, travel and action-packed itineraries so every mathematical moment is as productive as possible and who knows they may even start to love maths after all.

Our school trips are designed to educate and inspire through discovery, teamwork and of course fun! From hands-on learning workshops to fantastic sightseeing tours…there's never a dull moment when you book a school trip with NST.