How School Trips Inspire Theoretical Learning

As a teacher, you’ll be aware that when students have the chance to approach their topics in new and exciting ways their engagement levels increase, and when students are connected and inspired they become more interested and therefore are likely to retain more information. Therefore, it is essential to consider your pedagogical approaches to teaching regularly. Theoretical learning can be achieved through a number of unique pedagogical approaches to teaching, such as:

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Experiences & Experiments

  • School Trips 

  • Providing a Practical Lens to Studies


All of the above tried and tested methods have their own unique ways of enhancing classroom learning, especially educational school trips.

A school trip is so much more than a day out or a few days of adventure, it’s the chance to see your students in a whole new setting, an opportunity to see how they react to their studies and also how they deal with all types of real-life situations and scenarios. 

Not only does this help your students learn more about themselves and encourages them to step outside their comfort zones, but they also allow you as their teacher to discover more about what kind of thinker they are, and what unique hobbies and interests they have. Who knows you may even share a few in common!


Varying your pedagogical approaches to teaching 

Varying your pedagogical approaches to teaching can be a great way to test how different students respond to alternative ways of learning. Taking your class on a school trip allows students to learn in ways that may not be possible in their classroom environment. 

Adopting a new method of teaching could be a fantastic way to inspire your students, which is why so many teachers and pupils love practical learning! 


A more practical approach

Developing a more practical approach to your teaching methods can bring so many educational benefits, especially when embarking on a school trip. Linking pedagogy to your teaching environment helps you to have a clear understanding of why you are using these methods.

But in case you need more convincing, here are some other key reasons why school trips inspire different pedagogical approaches to teaching. 


School trips enable personal growth

When students have the chance to travel together, they will be forced to level up their independence and must take ownership of their time, belongings and their learning. 

Independent learning is another great pedagogical tool as students can approach topics and information in their own way.

This is incredibly insightful for you as their teacher to see the type of person they are away from their books; are they great leaders, do they have exceptional communication skills or do they have a fantastic sense of direction and organisation? 

All of these areas are key core skills, especially as they grow, so any chance they have to improve upon these skills is crucial for their overall development. 


Bring out their experimental side

Gift your students incredible and proactive educational experiences. After all, learning through doing is one of the most effective ways for your students - especially those who find it harder to focus and develop a deeper understanding. 

This approach is particularly effective when wanting to get to grips with topics that can be a little more challenging. 


Theoretical learning opportunities to consider

Allowing experiences that give theoretical learning tangible tasks and outcomes will help make this a cohesive and clear learning opportunity. For example, perhaps your class is learning about a specific period in time, what a plant cell is made up of or how a volcano would erupt.  

All of these topics are fantastic when accompanied by theoretical learning, this could be in the form of visiting a historical site and talking through the different points and seeing artefacts. Or visiting a science museum to learn more about the different components of a plant cell complete with 3D models they can investigate and talk through together. 


So much to do, so much to see

The possibilities for enhanced learning are truly intensified when students venture outside of their classroom and learn more about how their subjects play a part in the real world. The pedagogical approaches to teaching you choose can make a huge difference to your student's learning. So if you want to wow your students and help them really connect with the subjects they learn about inside the classroom, there really is no better time than now or better way than an educational trip with NST!


Ready to inspire your students and get both their hands and minds busy?

At NST we have the pleasure of helping plan unforgettable educational school trip itineraries. We're confident that by following these tips, you can be sure that any school trip will be a success. Get in touch today to discuss your unique requirements. We're always on hand to help.