Activities and Trips that Build Confidence in Students

Confidence for students is key

It's no secret that confidence is a crucial ingredient for a student’s progress, happiness and success. This is why confidence building activities for students and trips play a fundamental role in pupil development throughout their entire academic life. 

Engaging your class in learning that promotes discovery and celebrates every pupil’s efforts and achievements, regardless of their backgrounds or starting points will improve their confidence significantly and enable them to thrive both academically and personally. 


A gentle nudge in the right direction

Give your students a nudge in the right direction by providing the opportunity to try new things. Trips and confidence building activities for students are a wonderful way to help them connect and embrace fresh experiences; giving them the confidence to optimise their learning and expand their personal and educational skillset. 

Activity and enrichment school trips are particularly powerful in building confidence. This is because they enable pupils to work together and brush up on their communication skills. This helps in forming lasting bonds and friendships amongst peers; which is especially beneficial for students who find it harder to integrate and make friends easily.. 

When students have support and encouragement from their peers, it dramatically increases their confidence, meaning they are much more likely to try new and exciting things. This is why it is so important to encourage confidence building activities for students when they are on a trip together. 


Unlocking confidence through experiential learning

Trips, especially team trips that include confidence building activities for students inspire pupils to step outside their comfort zones and push boundaries, picking up new skills and realising the amazing things they're capable of…As well as hidden passions.

As a result, your students can return to school feeling more confident and prepared to take on the world, including whatever challenges come their way. But that's not all. confidence building activities for students  enhance essential problem-solving. Of course, these skills are not limited to education and will benefit them long after they leave the classroom.

So if you're looking for a way to help your students build confidence and prepare for success, consider booking an enriching trip full of confidence building activities for students…We promise they will thank you for it. 


How school trips build confidence

Confidence building activities for students, particularly when integrated within trips, are a great way to help students learn about different cultures, historical events, and so much more. Wandering around iconic landmarks, experiencing the buzz of epic sports events, partaking in a cultural festival, or being blown away by amazing theatrical shows will give students the confidence that anything is possible by working hard and pursuing their dreams. 


Activities for confidence building

When pupils set out on a group activity, such as a residential school trip, they will learn an array of valuable hidden lessons. They will learn how to work together in confidence building activities such as setting up tents, cooking outside, keeping safe and navigating unfamiliar surroundings with a map or compass. This problem-solving, team-building experience enhances student confidence by encouraging them to work both independently and together in overcoming obstacles and meeting a collective or personal goal. 


Cultural Capital 

Visiting other countries to learn about different ways of life can help students develop their Cultural Capital and show their adaptability level in certain situations. Exposure to different lifestyles and cultures helps students to build confidence in their ability to adapt, problem-solve and thrive in new and challenging conditions.


Confidence through care

When students give back to their community individually or together, they can have confidence that they’re making a positive difference. This humble approach solidifies the importance of helping others and working toward a greater good; which is a compelling life-long lesson at any age. This type of confidence building activity for students can take many forms in various settings and locations. From volunteering to embarking on an unforgettable You could humanitarian journey offering support and aid to those who need it most, stents are sure to find ample opportunities to boost their confidence in an array of areas. 


Confidence through Sportsmanship

Participating in friendly competitions give students the chance to challenge themselves and compete in activities they enjoy. They learn the art of resilience, patience and many other new skills which help further develop confidence. Being confident to compete and demonstrate their skills will help enhance their drive to thrive and succeed.


So, are you ready to give your students a huge confidence boost?

No matter what type of trip or  confidence building activity  you choose for your students, you can be sure that it will provide the framework to succeed and learn life-long lessons. 

Here at NST, we have the pleasure of planning meaningful and impactful confidence building activities for students  and trips every single day. We’re extremely passionate about providing experiences that shape and enrich students’ lives. 

So if you want to discover more ways we can help plan the perfect confidence-building trip or discover engaging confidence building activities for students , get in contact today.