London Maths Day School Trips & Tours

Investigate the mathematics that makes the capital city of London work! From the Wembley Stadium arch, to the Bank of England, your pupils will be surrounded by maths during a visit to the city.


Have fun calculating the height of key landmarks, such as Nelson’s Column, or take the opportunity to consider the mathematical challenges engineers faced whilst building the iconic London Eye. An NST tour to London is guaranteed to leave your pupils feeling excited about the maths that is all around them!

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Top visits

Science Museum

The Science Museum is packed with awe-inspiring galleries, interactive resources and inspirational exhibitions. Your pupils can explore the hands-on galleries which cover a wide range of subjects areas including:

Wonderlab - Science and Maths:

Inspired by the power of wondering, Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery will ignite curiosity in science and maths through more than 50 cutting edge exhibits and immersive experiences. Along with high-energy shows, live experiments at our Chemistry Bar, live lightning demos at our giant Tesla coil, plus our brilliant Explainers to facilitate engagement, a school trip to Wonderlab is a must for KS2 and KS3 students. The gallery will enrich learning across the curriculum themes of forces, electricity, light, sound, matter, space and maths. The exhibits will encourage students to be curious, to look at close details and to be creative – skills that are invaluable to scientists.

‘Who am I?’ - find out what makes you in this gallery that mixes intriguing objects with interactive exhibits. 

Psychology & Sociology: 
Psychology: Mind Your Head – a small exhibition exploring some of the stories, tools and puzzles that have engaged British psychologists during the 20th century.

The museum also offers a great selection of curriculum-linked schools events and shows, and stunning 3D films in their IMAX Cinema. Science Museum resources are also available and free to download.

Science & Maths Magic Shows - Magical Maths

Run by Dr Matt Pritchard, who works for organisations like Royal Institution, British Science Association and The Big Bang fairs, these interactive science and maths magic shows will inspire and inform pupils.

Matt’s aim is to give his audience tricks they can go away and use to amaze their friends and families. However, in doing so they will be exposed to, and be using, a surprising amount of maths! Shapes, symmetry, patterns, numbers and logic form the basis of the maths behind the magic. Ideal for KS3+.

Science & Maths Magic Shows - Something About Nothing

Run by Dr Matt Pritchard, who works for organisations like Royal Institution, British Science Association and The Big Bang fairs, these interactive science and maths magic shows will inspire and inform pupils.

Nothing is notoriously hard to grasp. However, this show will attempt to fill in the empty gaps and explain almost everything there is to know about nothing. A comedy show uniquely fusing magic, multimedia and mathematics that explores the history, maths, science and philosophy behind nothing.

3D Printing Workshops

Take a 21st century approach to embedding technology learning in school, and introduce your pupils to the world of 3D printing where a solid object of virtually any shape can be created from a digital model. 

In our Introduction to 3D Printing workshop, pupils will get hands on with 3D computer modelling and see designs turned into real life on a 3D printer. All pupils will receive a certificate of attendance and will take away a 3D printed item too.

Other workshops include:

Understanding 2D and 3D
Create 2D and 3D shapes through designing a house in Sketchup. Look at the difference between a 2D representation of the shape and the 3D model itself. What is a plan and how would an architect use 2D and 3D shapes to represent their project?

Natural Geometries 
Create simple shapes like triangles, squares and arcs. And through learning simple ideas such as angles and rotation, turn these shapes into amazing nature-like structures such as snowflakes and shells.

For maths groups, we can also offer full day workshops at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park combining a tour of Bletchley Park, a visit to Colossus (the first electronic computer) and a hands-on processing or 3D printing workshop.

Forensic Science Lectures

Challenge your pupils to use mathematical analysis and lateral thinking at a range of hands-on forensic science lectures, which apply mathematics in fascinating and engaging situations.

Mission: Decipher Code Breakers - Created in partnership with an FBI cryptanalyst, this workshop takes pupils through a mock murder mystery associated with the theft of a lost Da Vinci. They’ll learn the principals of cryptanalysis, break the code and solve the murder!

Zombie Venture: The Virus is Spreading - Combining applied maths, neuroscience and geography, this workshop is a unique adventure where pupils will navigate their way through a zombie outbreak as they take centre stage as laboratory scientists.

The Remarkable Physics of a Speeding Bullet - This workshop is a great introduction to classical mechanics. Pupils will use trigonometry and geometry to calculate the speed of a speeding bullet and predict its trajectory.

London Maths Trail

Explore the city and see the maths around you with our London Maths trail. Created by Chris Olley from King’s College London, this self-guided trail is exclusively available to NST. Our maths trail encourages pupils to use study themes such as calculations, shapes, problem solving and estimating whilst exploring the urban landscape.


Maths Inspiration Shows

Maths Inspiration shows run throughout the year. A fantastic chance for Year 11s+ to experience the UK’s most inspiring maths speakers live, presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world situations! Held in one of London’s West End theatres, as well as other top theatres around the country, all shows have three interactive talks and a lively Q&A session. As well as mathematicians and statisticians, many of the shows feature engineers and physicists, making this the ideal STEM outing for your school. Please see our website for details of forthcoming shows.


British Museum – Maths Challenge

A teacher-led KS2/KS3 session in which pupils use packs of materials supplied by the museum. Explore the museum’s galleries, meet mathematical challenges and learn about objects and cultures. This visit now includes an activity in the recently opened Citi Money Gallery.

V&A Museum – Maths and Islamic Art & Design

Islamic art explores the geometric systems that depend upon the regular division of the circle and the study of Islamic art increases appreciation and understanding of geometry. With V&A maths resources, you can also explore tessellations and symmetry, whilst taking a look at the Islamic Middle East collections.

St Paul’s Cathedral – ‘Let’s Build a Cathedral’ Workshop

Pupils will take an hour-long tour of the crypt and cathedral, then build an arch (and find out about the forces and skills involved), create structures using their own bodies, discover materials such as stone, wood, metal and their properties, view the geometric staircase and the ‘Great Model’ and find out about Wren’s use of ‘sacred geometry’.

Bank of England Museum & Talk

The museum, housed within the Bank of England, traces the history of the bank from its foundation in 1694 to its role today as the nation’s central bank. The bank has had the responsibility of setting interest rates to control inflation since 1997, and also issues bank notes and works to maintain a stable financial system.  There are a number of talks available (approx. 60 mins):

Pounds & Pence -  Encourages pupils to think about the value of money and prices, and their spending and saving decisions.
Keeping on an Even Keel - Explains what the Bank does to keep inflation low, maintain trust in its banknotes and keep the financial system stable. 

Activity sheets are available at the Museum, and resources are available from the Museum's website. An essential visit for every pupil studying business, maths and economics.

Wembley Stadium

Visit this striking stadium to gain an invaluable insight into modern engineering. Take a 90-minute tour, see England’s changing rooms, the players’ warm-up zone, the Royal Box and much more. You can even ‘Lift the Cup’! Worksheets are available to accompany your visit, and explore topics related to science, maths, statistics, design and engineering. You can use NST’s Maths Explorer learning resources to link football shirts to maths too.

Bletchley Park

Visit the historic site where secret British code breaking activities took place during WWII, and where the modern computer was born. Bletchley Park runs a range of guided tours and mathematics talks for groups that are designed to enthuse pupils about the disciplines that underpinned the code breakers’ work.

The National Museum of Computing

Based at Bletchley Park, this museum houses the largest collection of functional historic computers in Europe.

Alton Towers

There are so many angles to take when it comes to learning about maths at this leading UK theme park. How many people ride Nemesis in an hour? How popular is Oblivion? How fast does TH13TEEN drop? Find out why maths really counts at the Alton Towers Resort.

Thames River Cruise

Take in London’s best-loved sights on this enjoyable cruise. Your pupils will gain an insight into the many layers of history that have built up along the river, from the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge to the Coca-Cola London Eye.

Coca-Cola London Eye

For a fantastic bird’s eye view of England’s capital city, take a ride on the Coca-Cola London Eye. Spot famed landmarks and take in the 30-mile panoramic view. Plus enjoy fantastic group prices with NST.

Educational resources are available for engineering, maths, ICT and primary school groups.


Get on board a world’s first, erren Brown’s Ghost Train at THORPE PARK Resort. 

Crafted by the master of mind control, Derren Brown, this one-of-a-kind 10-15 minute theme park experience will be the world’s only fully immersive attraction designed to manipulate the human mind.  At the heart of the island you discover a disused warehouse.  As you enter a seemingly innocent Victorian train carriage, it soon becomes clear as sights and sounds fill your senses, that you will come face-to-face with what lies at the end of the line.

Prepare to derail your mind on a ghost train re-invented for the 21st century that will leave you questioning where perception ends and reality begins.

Educational Workshops 
THORPE PARK Resort provides opportunities for learning with a range of curriculum-linked educational workshops including Marketing THORPE PARK Resort, THORPE PARK Resort as a Business and The Science of Roller Coasters. You’ll be able to download risk assessments for free and educational resources to lengthen your pupils’ experience. To assist with pre-visit planning, THORPE PARK Resort will provide two complimentary teacher tickets to the park once you have confirmed your booking.

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is the ideal destination for families with children aged 2-12, with over 55 interactive rides, live shows and attractions all set over 150 acres of beautiful parkland. Step into Heartlake City world of the LEGO® Friends, soar through the air on the Dragon rollercoaster, make a splash in DUPLO® Valley, discover a world of awesome sea creatures on Atlantis Submarine Voyage or earn your very first driving licence in the LEGO City Driving School. Awesome awaits at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

LEGO, the LEGO logo and LEGOLAND are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2016 The LEGO Group.

Cross-Curricular Workshop 
You can choose from a range of hands-on workshops specifically designed to help launch and support classroom topics in an unforgettable way. It’s the perfect introduction to the exciting world of maths, science and ICT in a fun and safe environment. The LEGO© Atlantis Submarine Voyage workshop – Understanding Underwater – provides cross-curricular links to science and design & technology, a hands-on active science experience that can only be found at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort.

Study themes

  • Arithmetic and calculations
  • Code breaking
  • Using geometry and angles
  • Investigating measures
  • Estimating
  • Proportion
  • Problem solving and thinking mathematically
  • Mathematical vocabulary

Educational resources


Our free Maths Explorer learning resources are designed to bring your mathematics experience in London to life! You’ll find a range of exciting activities available to download to encourage your pupils to see the Maths around them and to start thinking in a creative and mathematical way. Activities include: estimating heights of key landmarks, exploring London by numbers and investigating tessellation and symmetry.

Click here to view a sample of our resources.


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