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Beijing Psychology & Sociology School Trips & Tours

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Afternoon: Overnight flight to Beijing

Early afternoon: Arrival in Beijing, escorted transfer to accommodation and an en route visit to the Temple of Heaven

Evening: Evening meal and free time to settle in

Temple of Heaven

Considered to be the most beautiful building in the city, the Temple of Heaven is believed to be the meeting point between heaven and earth and symbols of the two are integral to the temple’s layout. Its park is also a popular area in which to sit, drink tea and play and it is easy to see how Chinese people find peaceful seclusion in the grounds.

Morning: Visit to Tiananmen Square, Mao's Memorial Hall & Forbidden City

Afternoon: tour and lecture at Gucoao Psychological Consultation Hospital

Evening: Evening meal

Tiananmen Square

This symbolic public square has witnessed many of the events that have shaped the country’s often turbulent history.

Chairman Mao’s Zedong Memorial Hall

Standing in Tiananmen Square, this is the chairman’s final resting place. View his large marble statue and an immense tapestry of China's mountains and rivers, then view the body of Mao covered with the flag of Communist Party of China, resting in a crystal coffin.

Beijing Gucoao Psychological Hospital - Exclusive

Situated opposite the Bird’s Nest Stadium, the hospital covers more than 2,000 square feet. On this two-hour visit, groups will receive an introduction by hospital staff before a tour of the departments including the consulting room, inspection and testing department, bio-feedback and exercise treatment rooms. Your group will then be able to listen to a Chinese psychological treatments talk, comparing cultural differences to the West, before time for a Q&A session.

Monring & afternoon: Full day visit to Great Wall, Sacred Road & local Hutong family visit & Rickshaw tour Evening meal

Evening: Evening meal 

Great Wall of China & Sacred Way

Built 2,500 years ago, the Great Wall is most definitely an attraction not to be missed! Climb the wall and take time to discuss its importance and history with your local and national guides. Later, walk some of the seven kilometres of the Sacred Way, flanked with detailed Ming Dynasty sculptures.

Local Hutong Visit & Rickshaw Ride

Take a fascinating tour of a local Hutong, a traditional suburb with courtyard residences. Travel by rickshaw to meet a family who live here and ask them about their lifestyle. Explore the traditional streets with many shops, bars and restaurants.

Morning: Visit to Liu Ming Ying agricultural village (with family visit) in the morning followed by 'Graduation' ceremony

Afternoon: Shopping in the flagship Friendship Store & neighbouring Silk Alley market

Evening: Evening meal

Liu Ming Ying Village & Family Visit

This traditional Chinese village gives your group an insight into the hard reality of life outside the big cities. Students can visit villagers in their homes and see the hard work that goes into producing their organic food, and spend time speaking to one of the local families about their life here.

Silk Alley    

Beijing is somewhat of a shopper’s paradise and the Silk Alley in the city is one of the best. Students can haggle for souvenirs such as silk garments, carpets (handmade), craft articles, clothing and books.

Morning & afternoon: Free time

Transfer to airport for return flight to UK

Take this unique chance for UK students to learn about Chinese educational and cultural differences. On a three-hour visit, your students will share information about their life and school with local students. They will take an activity class together followed by a tour of the campus, before a chance to exchange contact details and gifts.

On request, we can also arrange for your group to visit a local nursery to gain an understanding of children's lives at an earlier age.


One of the oldest zoos in China, with one of the largest collections of animals, Beijing Zoo has over six million visitors each year. Best known for its pandas, the zoo also houses several other endangered animals.

Chinese acrobatics covers anything from gymnastics and animal tricks to juggling and magic. The performances are spectacular and students will be talking about them for years to come.

The Beijing National Stadium, known colloquially as the Bird’s Nest, was the spectacular setting for the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Students can tour this large steel structure while your guide shares their own memories of the games and the legacy the games have left behind.

Chinese martial arts have been practised for over 4,000 years and over the years have developed into a number of styles. This show showcases a spectacle of modern dance and traditional arts to provide a truly unique performance.

Immerse your group in some traditional Chinese theatre which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics.

A famous dish from Beijing and one that has been served since the Imperial era. Your students can enjoy this delicacy and get a real taste of China.

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