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Northern France & Belgium History School Trips & Tours - WWII

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View the beach and the battle damage still evident in the town today and visit the British Memorial and cemetery. Sites also connected to the retreat to Dunkirk are:

Cassel: The fortified town was one of the strong-points of the evacuation corridor. Visit the cemetery and the main square, the scene of fierce fighting. 

Esquelbecq: The scene of a notorious massacre of British POWs by SS troops. The meadow and reconstructed barn are now preserved as a memorial to those who died. 

Furnes/Veurne: The town was the scene of heavy fighting as the British struggled to hold the beach area. A visit to the town cemetery reveals the cost in both military and civilian lives.


The Calais War Museum is situated in the giant Mako bunker, former headquarters of the German Navy. The museum describes what happened in and around the town, from the battles of May 1940 to the liberation in September 1944. It contains a number of fascinating exhibitions covering the Resistance and life under German occupation.

This former V3 site based south west of Calais now houses a fascinating museum. An on-site audio commentary enhances your group’s interpretation of the site. The weapon was meant to attack London and for this reason was called ‘The London Gun’.

A visit to the French–Belgian border o.ers a superb opportunity to study the development of military technology during WWII. The area contains some of the best preserved sections of The Atlantic Wall, the huge defensive system, much built by slave labour, which was constructed to defend Nazi Europe from Allied attack. Much evidence also survives to show the scale of the V weapon threat to Britain in the form of V1 and V2 weapons.

A huge concrete blockhouse complex containing a museum telling the story of The Atlantic Wall and its construction.

Site used to launch the flying bomb Hitler hoped would destroy London - the V1.

The fortified town was one of the strong-points of the evacuation corridor. Visit the cemetery and the main square, the scene of fierce fighting.

Home of the biggest bunker in the north of France.

This fascinating museum was once the Nazi’s planned V2 rocket base. It now showcases the story of Hitler’s secret weapon and also of French life during WWII.

The bomb damaged remains of this V2 assembly and launching site house a museum covering the themes of the 1940s occupation of Northern France, the German secret weapons, the Cold War and the conquest of space.

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