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This historic church is Edinburgh's Old Town offers an wonderful 'cathedral style' acoustic for choirs and smaller instrumental ensembles.

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The famous Canongate Kirk, located in Edinburgh's historic centre, was Scotland's first Post-Reformation church.  As well as their Thursday lunchtime recital series, they host evening concerts for smaller choirs and ensembles.

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As the High Kirk of Edinburgh, St Giles' Cathedral is a magnificent church venue that plays host to a range of musical events.

Afternoon and evening concerts can be arranged in this spacious church, situated in Edinburgh's New Town, for a donation towards the church.

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Image: © Paul Gillett / / cc-by-sa/2.0

Groups may directly arrange to perform at this iconic and historic location, which overlooks the City of Edinburgh

Suitable choral and instrumental music is welcome at this inclusive parish church.

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Visiting choirs and instrumental ensembles can perform concerts at this coastal Cathedral on occasion.

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All types of music group can perform at this important historic location, in return for free visitor admission.

Edinburgh Castle is a powerful national symbol, and part of Edinburgh’s World Heritage site. Here, you can see the Honours (Crown Jewels) of Scotland, the Stone of Destiny, Mons Meg, and the One O’Clock Gun. You can even visit the National War Museum of Scotland and experience life as a POW in 1781.

Just off the historic Royal Mile, at the Real Mary King’s Close, your students will see an historically accurate interpretation of life in Edinburgh from the 16th to the 19th centuries. You’ll get to witness the highs and lows of 16th century living, visit the home of a grave digger’s family to discover the truth about the plague epidemic of 1644-46, and enjoy ghost stories as your guide reveals dramatic episodes and extraordinary apparitions from the past.

Edinburgh Zoo is the largest and most exciting wildlife attraction in Scotland. In just one day, pupils can meet over 1,000 wonderful animals in a beautiful parkland setting. A visit to Edinburgh Zoo isn’t complete without a trip to see the giant pandas!

Discover what life was like on board The Queen's floating Royal residence. Your group will first explore the Britannia’s Visitor Centre, before stepping aboard. Here your group can learn about the history of Royal Yachts, view displays and historical photographs of Britannia's captivating past.

Learn about the palace’s history, from its medieval foundations to its present day use by the Royal Family. Following an introductory talk, find out about the lives of famous residents including Mary Queen of Scots, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Queen Victoria. Workshops are available for KS2 / P4-7 too.

Led by your tour guide, hanged highwayman, Adam Lyal, students will be given a spine-tingling insight into Edinburgh’s darker side, with costumed characters including infamous body-snatchers, Burke and Hare.


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