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The visitor centre contains a permanent exhibition about the history, flora and fauna of the island. Here, pupils can discover the island wildlife, including red squirrels, peacocks and deer. It’s a great place to learn about our responsibilities in conserving areas of natural interest. There are plenty of exciting trails for young smugglers, historians and explorers too.

A real wildlife experience! Learn about more than 80 species, touch and hold live animals and find out about the animals’ habitats and how we can help preserve them.

Visit the UK’s top theme park, with birds, animals and over 70 rides and attractions set in over 140 acres of beautiful landscape gardens. Pupils can soar high into the skies upon the Flight of the Pterosaur, a unique suspended coaster or feel the speed and agility of the Velociraptor as it drops and sweeps around tight bends. There is something for every member of your group. 

Educational Workshops:

A range of curriculum-based workshops are available with many taking place within a fully-themed and interactive laboratory. Take part in a coaster building experiment in the session ‘rollercoaster forces’ or find out how to program a Skyswinger; adding lights and music to create a unique sequence for the rides. All of the biology workshops involve ‘close encounters’ with a range of exciting animals whilst a selection of business studies workshops are available for older students.

This unique attraction will take your pupils on a fascinating voyage around the oceans of the world. They’ll get to meet creatures from around the globe and discover underwater life on an oceanic scale. Admission includes a guided tour, and the oceanarium also has worksheets and KS1/P2-3 and KS2/ P4-7 education packs available.

This conservation park is set in 25 acres of ancient woodland and is home to Europe’s largest gathering of otters, owls and other wildlife in their natural surroundings. Pupils can learn about pine martens, badgers, polecats, mink, foxes, Scottish wild cats, deer, lynx, wallabies, wild boar, and more! The Nature Trail provides a chance to find out about habitats, food chains and adaptation. Study rooms and educational guides are available.

Monkey World is an excellent example of conservation in action. Here your group will get to see a wide range of the chimpanzees, apes and monkeys rescued from across the world and rehabilitated. Guided tours available.

This is the home of the National Motor Museum where you can see over 200 historic vehicles which present the story of motoring. Entertain your budding 007s at the James Bond exhibition, explore the Palace House and Gardens and the ruins of the great Cistercian Abbey and ride the Monorail, Transporama, the Veteran Bus, Miniature Veteran Car and see the Model Railway. Educational sessions are also available.

This was one of Henry VIII’s finest coastal forts, built in the early 1540s to protect against French and Spanish invasion. Today, it provides a great day out and its audio tour, included in the admission price, tells of the castle’s 450 year history and the part it played in WWI and WWII. Enjoy sea views from the gun platforms, get close to the powerful cannons and take a stroll in the Contemporary Heritage Garden.

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