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Exclusive! Take a walking tour of this fascinating city with Birgit, our own dedicated City Representative. Your walking tour will take in the sights and sounds of the city, providing plenty of opportunity for language practice, and will be tailored to your group’s level of skill and language requirements.

Take a tour behind the scenes of the largest film studios in Europe. Students will also encounter movie classics like the original model submarine from “Das Boot”, the mythical creature from “The Never Ending Story” and the Gallic village from “Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar”. It’s even possible to star in a little film and be coached by a director.

“The castle of the fairy-tale king” is one of the most popular of all palaces and castle in Europe. The setting of this beautiful and magical white turreted castle could not be more idyllic.

Germany’s first concentration camp. Within the camp headquarters there is now a museum which serves as a poignant reminder of the horrors of Nazi rule.

What makes the Allianz Arena the world’s finest football arena? Find out for yourself! Take an Arena Tour for a behind the scenes insight into this extraordinary and unusual stadium. Experience the atmosphere of the Allianz Arena from the point of view of a professional footballer in the players’ areas and discover the exciting details of this unique structure. This and many other highlights await.

In the immediate vicinity of BMW Group headquarters, you will find a diverse range of fascinating activities: explore the BMW Welt world of experience, production processes at the BMW Group Plant and a new display of both tradition and future trends at the BMW Museum.

This distinctive stadium with its spectacular and iconic tent-like roof, is not simply the architectural centrepiece of the Olympic Park. Since it opened in 1972 it was the site of the 1972 Olympics and 1974 Football Cup Final and is still host to a wide number of sporting and musical events in the city.

The picturesque Old Town is surrounded by a mighty city-wall that is 5km long. The restored town centre is a delightful collection of cobblestoned squares and half timbered houses.

In a relaxed environment, students will take part in speaking and listening sessions with native speakers, greatly enhancing their learning experience. 

Designed to increase confidence in their language skills, these workshops are a great educational visit.

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