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UK Activity Centre School Day Trips & Tours

A day trip outside of the classroom is a great way to reward and reconnect with your students, and importantly adheres to the Department for Education's current guidance around school trips. 

There are many benefits to being in the outdoors; connecting with nature helps to boost mood and reduce stress levels, whilst exercise is shown to not just help with physical health, it also improves mental health and wellbeing too. 

Our outdoor activity centres offer a great selection of fun, energetic and brain-boosting activities. From taking on the nerve-jangling Trapeze and high ropes course, or working as a team on building their very own raft; the activities are designed to challenge and engage your students. 

Through your chosen activities your students will also have the opportunity to improve their team-working and communication skills, whilst also having fun!

Our action-packed trip includes return transport on coach (a suitable option for maintaining school bubbles), plus four challenging outdoor adventure activities and lunch - for a great value and fun-filled day out.

Prices start from£99pp

Price Shown includes

  • Return executive coach transportation
  • Four outdoor adventure activities 
  • Lunch on-site
  • On-site support from your dedicated 'Groupie'
  • 1 in 8 free place ratio

Price shown is based on 40 paying passengers departing from selected departure points in March 2021 and is subject to availability

On-tour support

On-tour support includes...

  • Dedicated 'Groupie' - When you arrive you will be met by your ‘Groupie’ – a member of the team who will be dedicated to you and your group for the whole of your stay. Their role is to assist you with the smooth running of your course and take some of the pressure off your shoulders so you can enjoy yourself along with your group. If you have any questions or need assistance, your groupie is the person to talk to first.
  • Experienced Activity Instructors - The activity instructors are specifically trained for the programmes to ensure the delivery of safe and rewarding sessions. Friendly and caring, their encouragement helps your children to reach further, overcome challenges, achieve more and have fun.

Our centres

Our UK activity centres

Activity centre activities


Got a head for heights? This exhilarating activity allows you to scale down the side of our purpose-built towers leaving you with a great sense of achievement!


A cross between trampolining and volleyball! Use the bounce from the trampoline to stop your opponents scoring goals whilst trying to score some yourself. Not as easy as it sounds! 

All Aboard

A test of courage, communication and teamwork. Can you and your team all manage to get up the telegraph pole and balance on the tiny platform at the top? A tough challenge and you’ll need to help each other, or you won’t succeed but if you do there’s a great view from the top!


Swimming ability and water confidence are important life skills. Aquafun is about ensuring your pupils safely enjoy the experience of being in the water. It takes the form of games and team activities in our centre swimming pools, under the constant supervision of our qualified lifeguards. The actual activities will depend upon individual level – whether it’s developing water confidence, improving swimming skills or working on personal survival and life-saving skills.


Do you see yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood or Maid Marion? Archery is about technique rather than strength, so everyone has the chance to excel. A bow and arrows can be tricky to manage but your instructor will teach you how to use them safely and help you hit the bullseye!

Beach/coastal walk

An opportunity to see some of the amazing sights in the natural environment close to our centres. Take a walk along the beach or coastal path close to your centre and take part in the challenges and activities created by our staff.

Buggy Building

Introducing ‘Buggy Build’! Our fantastic new activity that relies on teamwork, skill and determination to build your moving ‘buggy’ using only the materials provided. In a much dryer version of our most loved ‘raft build’, compete against the opposing team in a series of challenges and obstacle courses, how long will your buggy survive?


Unlike a kayak, canoes are open topped, and many take more than one person. Whether it’s your first time in a boat on one of our lakes or you are a more experienced paddler, canoeing is always exciting, challenging, fun – and occasionally very wet!

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is legendary - it’s a well-loved and popular activity with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved; it can even get quite competitive sometimes! As your pupils negotiate the various obstacles that lie ahead, it’s an experience that will promote teamwork, lateral thinking, problem solving and decision-making - as well as being physically challenging too.


Climbing may look easy but if you’ve never tried it before you’ll find it needs a surprising amount of strength and agility – it’s a sport you can easily become hooked on! Some centres have indoor walls, some have outdoor climbing towers or some use actual rock crags. Wherever you're climbing you'll always have our top-quality equipment and trained staff to keep you safe. There’s masses to learn – even before you leave the ground you will be shown how to identify and control risk and you’ll have an introduction to the basic skills and techniques of climbing. Once you’re on the wall it’s your determination, clear thinking and adrenaline that will help get you to the top!

Dragon Boating

A hugely popular water sport that has spread across the globe from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands where these boats are traditionally found. Dragon Boating requires strength and determination but most importantly teamwork. Your instructor will helm (steer) the boat but success in the race depends on the ability of your team (up to 24 people) to work together to paddle rhythmically and effectively throughout. Make no mistake, the team in the other boat will be equally determined to win but no matter who wins there’s always lots of fun, laughter, splashing and shouts of encouragement throughout.


This Olympic sport is both physically and mentally demanding. It will help you develop good hand to eye co-ordination and lightening quick reflexes and has been described as being a bit like playing chess at 150 miles per hour! Fencing is great fun for any beginner playing at a basic level but also offers plenty of opportunity for development. So, let our qualified instructors teach you the basic principles and safety procedures - and get stuck in!

Giant Swing

How high will you go? You’ll be harnessed into a two-seater swing before the rest of your group start hauling you up to 10m high. It’s up to you and your partner to decide how high you want to go before pulling the release cord to send you hurtling down towards the ground before swinging up towards the sky. Nothing like the swings you find at your local park this breath-taking activity is so popular we’ve now introduced it to even more of our centres.

High Ropes Course

When you are 10m off the ground even the simplest task can be a challenge and there is nothing simple about our High Ropes courses. Sometimes described as a challenge course in the sky, you will need all the determination and balance you can summon to get round to the end, not to mention the cheers of support from the rest of the group as you overcome each of the obstacles.

Jacob's Ladder

This giant size ladder may seem insurmountable, however with a little help from your friends you’ll be amazed at how high you’ll get. Anything goes – you can push each other up, pull each other up or stand on each others shoulders, just ask first! It’s a great way to really get to know the rest of the group and use communication, teamwork and leadership skills together to have fun and scramble to the top of the ladder.

Raft Building

Build a raft that will float (and hopefully steer) using the barrels, ropes and wood provided. Once built you will need to test it out on the water – will you end up in the water or will you stay dry? It all depends on how well you and your team work together.

Rifle Shooting

Lightweight air-rifles are used to develop your concentration, steady breathing and accuracy. Will you hit the target?

Sensory Trail

Follow the rope and see what surprises await you. You’ll be blindfolded so you will need to rely on all your other senses to tell you what’s happening.


Find out if you have what it takes to survive and learn some skills to help you keep warm and dry when all you have is what you can find. You and your team mates will have to build a shelter in a wilderness environment on centre. You’ll need to plan your camp taking into account the prevailing weather and then share out the tasks to get the shelter built before time runs out...


Each stage of the trapeze is a challenge in itself. First there’s the climb to the top of the 6 metre pole, then you have to get into kneeling position on the small platform at the top. From kneeling position you’ll need every ounce of balance you can find to stand up and then finally make that leap for the trapeze. It’s totally exhilarating and you’ll feel an amazing sense of achievement when you succeed at each step.

Tunnel Trail

Navigate and explore a series of underground tunnels of different shapes and sizes whilst solving problems and carrying out tasks.

Vertical Challenge

As the name suggests this activity offers many of the same challenges as our traditional challenge courses but with added height. Secured to a safety rope and belayed by one of your teammates you’ll make your way, up through and over the various challenges which could include anything from cargo nets and climbing walls to crates and ropes.


Travelling at high speed, maybe even through a forest or over a lake, suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable isn't something forgotten easily! A truly exhilarating activity you’ll want to try again and again.


Available from any location in the UK, our executive coaches are fitted with seatbelts, toilet facilities, air conditioning, DVD and reclining seats.


Giving you full support throughout

Before your tour

  • Your own dedicated NST contact
  • Bespoke tour itineraries
  • Unrivalled local knowledge & expertise
  • Curriculum linked visit programmes
  • Great value for money - no hidden costs
  • Free group leader inspection visits
  • Risk assessment guidance
  • Safety assured, transport, accommodation and visits

Whilst you're away

  • Free educational resources
  • Group-friendly accommodation
  • Exceptional standards of coaching
  • On-tour support from our reps on the ground
  • Support & assistance from our specialists guides throughout your tour
  • 24/7 support just a call away
  • Extensive group travel insurance

On your return

  • Priority rebooking services
  • Rewarding your loyalty with our reward scheme
  • You say, we listen - we're committed to continuously improving our tours
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