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School Trips

Here at NST, we're dedicated to providing engaging, exhilarating school trips for primary and secondary school students. We offer a fantastic selection of overseas and UK-based school trips to enrich and educate your pupils.

Our school trip locations are tailored to year group and curriculum subjects. Meaning you can book a school trip that will truly engage your students. We also provide a wealth of support when planning and embarking on your trip, giving you peace of mind that you're thoroughly prepared for all eventualities.

We have over 50 years of experience providing bespoke educational travel experiences to schools across the UK. Our skills and expertise ensure your school trip meets curriculum requirements, whilst providing an exciting experience for your students.

Primary school trips

Our school trips are tailored to the learning and developmental requirements of primary school students. This includes day trips, residential trips, UK school trips and short-haul trips around Europe.

Our bespoke primary school trips can be linked to UK curriculum subjects and topics such as:

We also provide a selection of primary school resources for you to take on your trip to maximise the educational value.

The benefits of primary school trips

Primary school is a formative period for many students. Incorporating school trips into daily learning can help to improve a wide range of skills.

Primary school trips can help to:

  • Improve personal and social communication skills
  • Develop students' problem-solving skills
  • Improve sensory and aesthetic awareness
  • Teach resilience
  • Prove a fun learning experience


Learn more about our primary school trip destinations


Primary School Trips to York

York and the Yorkshire Coast provides ample opportunities for learning and personal development for students. You can teach classes about the Romans, Jurassic habitats and even Harry Potter in this exciting town!

Learn more about our primary school trips to York here.


Primary School Trips to London

London is home to some of the UK's biggest and best museums, galleries and sights, making it the perfect place for a primary school trip. We provide many enticing curriculum-linked trips to the city to suit your class' learning requirements.

Learn more about our primary school trips to London here.


Primary School Trips to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city steeped in history, natural landscapes and quality sights. Take students on an activity-packed adventure to Edinburgh to learn about geography, science, history and more.

Learn more about our primary school trips to Edinburgh here.


Primary School Trips to Northern France

A trip to Northern France gives students the chance to take their French language and cultural knowledge to the next level. Visit NST’s Château d’Ebblinghem, the Opal Coast, Calais and more on this stimulating overseas school trip.

Learn more about our school trips to Northern France here.


Secondary school trips

We provide a selection of secondary school trips to over 150 destinations worldwide, including overseas school trips, residential trips and UK day tours.

Our experienced tour operators can help create a school trip itinerary that will maximise your students' enjoyment. We can also tailor your school trip to encourage your students to engage with secondary school subjects, such as:

The benefits of secondary school trips

Secondary school is all about learning and social interaction. School trips can play an integral part in your student's personal development, as they provide educational opportunities and the chance for students to improve their interpersonal skills.

Students can also benefit from:

  • Increased motivation for the subject
  • Improved cultural awareness
  • Personal development
  • Improved knowledge on the subject

Learn more about our secondary school trip destinations


Secondary School Trips to Paris

Taking students to Paris gives them the chance to hone their French language skills, as well as take in some of the world-renowned sights that the city has to offer.

Learn more about our secondary school trips to Paris here.


Secondary School Trips to Iceland

Iceland offers a unique and memorable experience for all secondary students to enjoy. Here, you can learn about geography and science in an exciting way; visit Iceland's stunning waterfalls, geysers, geothermal pools and more.

Learn more about our school trips to Iceland here.


Secondary School Trips to Berlin

Berlin is a city with many impressive historical sights, museums, galleries and more to enjoy. We provide a range of curriculum-linked trips to Berlin, so you can make the most of its rich culture, varied activities and captivating events.

Learn more about our school trips to Berlin here.


Secondary School Trips to Rome

Rome is a great destination for secondary school students due to its incredible architecture, landmarks and culture. No matter whether you want to teach students about Italian culture or ancient history, Rome is the city for you.

Learn more about our school trips to Rome here.


UK school trips

If you're looking to book a day trip, or don't want to travel too far for a school trip, the UK is an ideal place to start. There are lots of incredible sights and trip destinations for you and your students to explore on our doorstep. With NST, you can book school trips to major cities and towns in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Our UK school trips encompass a combination of day tours and residential trips to suit your exact needs.

Learn more about our UK school trip destinations


UK School Trips to Cornwall

Cornwall provides opportunities for both primary and secondary school students to learn about a wide range of subjects. You can take advantage of this scenic area's beaches, art museums, conservation centres and more in an all-encompassing school trip from NST.

Learn more about our school trips to Cornwall here.


UK School Trips to Liverpool

The birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool, is the perfect location for music students and fans. Not only that, but the city is home to many impressive cultural sights, art galleries and museums, so you can easily cater for almost every curriculum subject.

Learn more about our school trips to Liverpool here.


UK School Trips to York

York is a must-visit location for both primary and secondary school students. Why? Not only does the city offer many exciting educational sights, but you can also treat students to a fun day out to attractions like Flamingo Land and York's Chocolate Story.

Learn more about our school trips to York here.


UK School Trips to Stratford-Upon-Avon

Stratford Upon Avon is Shakespeare's home town, making it an exhilarating and educational trip for drama, English language and literature students. You can also take a deep dive into local sights such as Warwick Castle and Cadbury's World on a trip to the town.

Learn more about our school trips to Stratford Upon Avon here.


Overseas school trips

An overseas school trip is an exciting experience for students of all ages. No matter whether you're opting for a short-haul or long-haul trip, both options enable your students to learn about other cultures.

Our international school trips can be tailored to meet the requirements of any curriculum subject. We've helped countless schools to organise memorable overseas trips that are both fun and educational. So we're best placed to help you create an experience that your students won't soon forget.

With NST you can book overseas school trips to:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia

The benefits of overseas school trips

Overseas school trips can provide a whole host of benefits for primary, secondary, college and university students. Not only do they provide a break from the norm, but they can also improve students' personal and psychological development.

A school trip abroad can also help to:

  • Build students confidence
  • Strengthen teacher-student relationships
  • Reinforce lesson materials
  • Expand students worldview
  • Encourage experiential learning

Learn more about our overseas school trip destinations


Overseas School Trips to Spain

Our experienced Spanish school trip experts will plan an activity-packed trip that will leave students feeling inspired and energized. Teach students about Spanish culture, language and history with one of our exciting overseas school tours.

Learn more about our school trips to Spain here.



Overseas School Trips to New York

New York school trips are a fantastic option for those looking to give their students a real-life insight into American culture, history and lifestyles. Make the most of your trip to this cultural capital by visiting the city's many incredible sights.

Learn more about our school trips to New York here.


Overseas School Trips to Germany

No matter whether you take a trip to Rhineland, Berlin or Cologne, every location in Germany has something great to offer for students. This gives your class the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the German language and the country's rich culture.

Learn more about our school trips to Germany here.


Overseas School Trips to Italy

What better way to teach students about Italian culture, history and language than with a school trip to this incredible country? We offer immersive trips to Venice, the Bay of Naples, Rome and more to suit different learning requirements.

Learn more about our school trips to Italy here.


Overseas School Trips to China

China is the epicentre of global business and commerce. This makes it an essential location to visit for business and economics students. We can also organise exciting trips to China for Mandarin, psychology, geography and psychology students.

Learn more about our school trips to China here.

School trip guidance

There are many different details and formalities to check before you embark on your school trip. This includes everything from school trip risk assessments, to insurance. Fortunately, our team is always on hand to assist with these important details.

School trip FAQs

Why are school trips important for students?

School trips can improve students' learning and development in many different ways. They offer the chance for students to build on skills learnt in the classroom, whilst immersing them in experiences that will help them in the real world.

These enriching learning experiences help improve students' interpersonal skills and confidence so that they're better prepared for later life.

How safe are school trips?

School trips are safe for all parties to partake in. Risk assessments, insurance, school trip ratios and more help to provide a level of protection that ensures all individuals involved are safe in the event of an emergency.

How much do school trips cost?

The cost of a school trip depends on a range of factors, this includes:

  • Location
  • Group size
  • Peak/off-season pricing
  • Excursions

We provide bespoke quotes for all of our trips depending on your individual requirements. Request a quote online today.

What are the government guidelines for school trips?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, UK school trips (residential and day trips) are currently allowed, however, international school trips are not.

Guidelines are regularly updated in line with the pandemic's developments, therefore, it's essential to contact us or check the GOV.UK website before booking to double-check the regulations.

Why are residential trips important?

Residential school trips, no matter whether they're in the UK or abroad, provide students with the opportunity to bond and connect.

This can help to strengthen students social skills and confidence, both of which are essential for excelling in later life.

Where can I find more guidance on school trips?

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about booking your school trip. As such, you can contact us via phone or email to discuss your requirements with the NST team.

Alternatively, we have a wealth of resources online for you to utilise for your trip. Check our school trip support section for all the information you need.

Book your next school trip with confidence

With NST your peace of mind is guaranteed, thanks to our comprehensive package of financial protection. Our market-leading ‘Book with Confidence’ promise gives you all the reassurance you need when booking and paying for your trip and provides the full range of financial protection measures as recommended by the DfE.    

  • COVID Cancellation Protection - including full refund option

  • Financial Security - fully ABTA & ATOL protected


Our most popular language school trip destinations...

Our most popular language school trip destinations...

Opal Coast, Northern France

An ideal destination for groups seeking to enhance French language skills through a range of educational and cultural visits. Our French Language Enrichment Experience can be included in your school trip too, enhancing classroom-based learning by giving pupils the opportunity to practise conversational French, listening skills and increase confidence in their ability. 

Find out more here


Experience all things Catalonian on a Spanish language trip to the comopolitan city of Barcelona! The city is typified by the architecture of Gaudí, especially the iconic Sagrada Familia, his unfinished masterpiece. From the passion of Nou Camp Stadium to the bustle of the Ramblas, Barcelona is a modern, vibrant city that shouts its Catalan heritage from every corner and will fire the imaginations of your pupils. 

Find out more here

Rhine & Moselle

A study tour to this diverse region offers a wide range of educational visits that give an insight into German life and a welcoming environment to practise language skills. NST offers an excellent choice of accommodation serving the needs of school groups and our tailor-made itineraries will add real value to your German language school trip.

Find out more here


Take a look at one of our language experiences...

Planning your first school trip?

If you're planning your first school trip, our essential guide will take you through each step of the process.


  • Choosing your destination
  • Gaining approval from your Local Authority and/or your Head
  • Promoting your tour in school
  • Confirming your booking
  • Tailor-make your tour
  • Completing your risk assessments (including a sample risk assessment)
  • Quick reference timeline
  • Pre-tour checklist

Additional support, resources & information:

Tour planning service

Tour planning service

With NST, you’ll get your own dedicated, knowledgeable Tour Co-ordinator who’ll work with you from start to finish. You’ll benefit from their unrivalled destination knowledge, and their experience gained from working with many other groups too. They’ll tailor-make your itinerary from scratch and take care of everything for you:

  • Pulling together an itinerary that runs smoothly
  • Planning the right balance of visits every day with realistic timings
  • Pre-arranging and pre-booking your visits, entrance tickets, passes and meals

You’ll receive your final itinerary a full 4-weeks before you travel too.

FREE school trip promotion pack

FREE school trip promotion pack

We’ll support you and provide everything you need to advertise your school trip around school and to parents. Our free school trip promotion pack consists of:

  • Parents’ letter & permission slip template for you to complete
  • A3 posters to promote your trip around school
  • PowerPoint presentation templates which you can tailor to your own needs
  • Parents’ leaflets covering how NST manage safety, financial protection and details of our travel insurance
  • Online parents’ video which showcases the benefits of taking a school trip

For selected destinations, we’ll provide a trip launch web page using video footage and imagery. This web page is provided by a weblink and can be shared with pupils and parents in many ways.

Risk assessment support including preview visits

Risk assessment support including preview visits

Risk assessment plays a vitally important part in the planning and organisation on any school tour.

Our risk assessment guide aims to help you understand more about your obligations and how you can more effectively manage group safety on your next educational visit and provide you with risk assessments for your trip.

Planning first school trip

Planning first school trip

Organising your first school trip can appear to be a daunting process.  If you're planning your first school trip, our guide will help to take you through each step of the planning process, answering frequently asked questions and providing tips and support along the way.  Our helpful guide covers the following: 

  • Choosing your destination 
  • Gaining approval from your Local Authority and/or your Head 
  • Promoting your tour in school 
  • Confirming your booking
  • Tailor-make your tour
  • Completing your risk assessments (including a sample risk assessment) 
  • Quick reference timeline 
  • Pre-tour checklist 

View our essential guide to a successful school trip here

Get live updates on your group's tour location

Get live updates on your group's tour location

Locate My Trip uses GPS technology and is the easy, convenient way for your school to follow your location whilst on tour. Specifically designed to provide reassurance to both parents and teachers, NST will know where your group are 24/7. If your schedule needs to change, we’ll put plans in place to keep your tour on track. 

With Locate My Trip your group can also share photos and videos with the school and parents, via a secure link, to keep them updated on your experience whilst you’re away.

Watch our short Locate My Trip video here.

Your online school trip organiser - My Tour Manager

Your online school trip organiser - My Tour Manager

Save time and stay on track with your school trip admin with our online orgnaniser - designed to help busy teachers like you. 

With My Tour Manager, you'll be able to download FREE resources and access trip paperwork online and in one place. Your personalised checklist details what you need to do and by when, plus you'll receive fortnightly reminders too. 

What's more, you can take all your trip documents on the go whilst on your tour with our app, My Tour Manager-On-the-Go. 

Find out more and watch out short My Tour Manager video here

Free classroom resources

Free classroom resources

We've created a range of free resources and educational posters to brighten up your classroom! 

Take a look at our downloadable posters here

FREE language learning resources

FREE language learning resources

Free learning resources Our free Go Explore educational resources provide a great way for your pupils to build their confidence to explore another culture, language and location. They support the Key Stage 3 curriculum, Scottish S1-S3 curriculum, plus Key Stage 4 and standard and intermediate grade qualifications.

FREE Go Explore journal 

A great tool for pupils to record their experience outside the classroom, your Go Explore journal contains space to add information, pre-visit notes, a daily record of what they have seen and learnt, as well as space for relevant vocabulary. The journal is useful for assisting in controlled assessment preparation and is a valuable memento of time spent abroad.

Workbooks & Town Trails

These workbooks cover common situations that pupils will find themselves in whilst on tour. The series of questions help to build on basic language skills and are ideal for Key Stage 3 pupils. Our town trails provide a great half day activity too. 

Paris & Barcelona educational resources

Our Paris & Barcelona resources have been specifically developed for language groups visiting the cities to enhance their learning experience. Created with the help of our teacher consultant, our resources include useful vocabulary, questions, tasks and activities directly related to the visits on your tour. Suitable for Key Stage 3 up to GCSE level. 

Speak to one of our school travel experts

Our team of school travel experts have unrivalled destination knowledge and experience so they can help to bring your tour ideas to life and might even suggest options you hadn’t already thought of too! So get in touch today and we'll help to create a bespoke, budget-friendly tour itinerary to meet your specific learning requirements.

Why choose NST...

Here's why thousands of teachers choose NST each year...

  • Unrivalled knowledge

Your dedicated language Tour Co-ordinator will use their unrivalled local knowledge and expertise to create a tailor-made, curriculum-linked itinerary to meet your group’s exact needs.

  • Making it easier for you

With our online school trip organiser, travel app, free classroom posters and trip launch resources to support your in-school promotion.

  • Free group leader inspection visits

We offer a free inspection visit to your chosen destination to support your risk assessment planning. 

  • Value for money

We’re committed to bringing you the best possible value trips to help make every penny count.

  • More than 50 years’ experience

With over 50 years’ experience, with NST you can rest assured that your group is in safe hands.

  • Risk assessment guidance

Our risk assessment guidance will help you to manage group safety on your next educational trip.

  • Peace of mind

Your group’s location can be followed with our trip tracking device - Locate My Trip - plus you’ll have 24/7 support from us whilst you’re away.

  • Offsetting carbon emissions

For every trip taken, we'll plant a Maya nut tree in Peru to support reforestation, local communities & biodiversity. Plus, we'll offset an additional tonne of CO2 to guarantee carbon emission reductions. 


Looking for protection on your next school trip? 

Booking with a school travel company is the best way for you to protect parents’ money and give yourself peace of mind.  


Don’t forget – if your school arranges transport, accommodation and other services directly, you’ll be liable under the Package Travel Regulations – meaning you’ll have all the responsibilities of a travel company, both legal and financial. 


Financial protection from the moment you book

NST are fully bonded:

  • ABTA
  • ATOL
  • IATA

Managing safety on school trips

For your protection, NST's independently audited Safety Management System covers:

  • 24-hour emergency cover
  • Audited accommodation & transport
  • Excursions & school visit assessment
  • Group leader preview visits to assist with risk assessment planning

We're LOtC Council’s Quality Badge assured

The Department for Education advises schools to always look for the LOtC Quality Badge when choosing a school travel provider.