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City of Derry Choral Festival Tour

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Four-day festival of concerts, competitions, workshops and choral trails. This festival provides opportunities for competitive and non-competitive participation for singers across a wide range of styles, ensembles and ages. School, national and international choirs are invited to take part in a range of competitions across the four-day festival including Equal Voice, Mixed Voice, Youth, Sacred, Gospel and Barbershop categories. 

Entry fee for two categories is included in the tour price.


Visit will include a guided tour of the exhibition, which outlines the people’s story of government oppression, the struggle for civil rights, the Battle of the Bogside, internment, Free Derry and Bloody Sunday.

Take a walking tour of the city walls with a registered tour guide to highlight the city’s rich heritage and with a particular focus on the contemporary history. The tour will use the city walls as a backdrop to illustrate the recent past.

The Memorial Hall is the world headquarters of the Apprentice Boys of Derry organisation, one of the so called ’loyal’ institutions and it is one of the finest buildings standing on the West Wall overlooking the Brandywell and Bogside.

The Cathedral is widely recognised locally, nationally and internationally for its active promotion of ecumenical and bridge-building activities.

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